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Santo Domingo useful tips and information

Il first tip that I give you, concerns the seat on the plane: at the time of check-in ask if the seats in the third row or the fourth or fifth row are free, they are the quietest seats and have a lot of leg room since the booth with the first class is in front.

On board we were able to choose between two menus, both good.

After about 11 hours of volo, as soon as we landed and got off the plane, we were immediately greeted by a heat and a 'humidity incredible.

But fortunately within half an hour we were already at the reception of the Resort.

Here they welcomed us with a nice refreshment and then accompanied us to ours bungalow booked up.

Once undone i bagagli we went to sleep, the journey It's very tiring.

Here I report a small informative summary on the Bungalow: the bungalow is nothing more than a brick house with an external thatched roof.

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Inside the furniture is rather modest but nice, you find the double bed which is very large.

The bathroom on the other hand is medium in size although I have to be honest: the shower was nice big.

The room then has a TV with satellite channels, but there is no mini bar, fortunately theconditioned air it was there and could also be adjusted by itself.

Il Beach It is composed almost exclusively of these units and therefore they are found in all positions, our bungalow was luckily on the right side of the village, quiet and far from the incessant music that is always present inside the village.

Precisely we were in bungalow number 1241, very close to the Rocca Grill restaurant.

The beach in front of us does not have many palm trees in fact there were many straw umbrellas.

Santo Domingo where to eat and what to eat

Inside the village there are the La Terazza restaurant which is a buffet and where you have breakfast in the heart of the village, very varied and international.

Then there is the Grill where at lunch it is free while in the evening you have to book; there Pizzeria which is always open, where they make very, very good baked pizzas.

Next to it is the Mexican restaurant, this remains open only in the evening and by appointment only.

So, what I recommend: to have lunch at Grill to rest assured as most of the people flocked to the Terrace, while in the evening I recommend having dinner either in the Pizzeria or on the Terrace, which is fine, don't worry.

I recommend the Grill while the Mexican does not, so much at the Terrace they make evenings dedicated to Mexican cuisine as well.

In the village the days could be really full of commitments, between courses, games , sport, dance, one may not have a free moment.

Porto Santo Stefano where to eat well and spend little

However, we preferred to do the classic sea life made up of games with the sand, lots of swims, and above all lots of shade.

I say shade because it was really too hot.

Among other things, even under the palm trees we got tanned and even scalded.

The animation of the village is smart and super nice and is not at all suffocating.

Other tips that I would like to give you concern shops and purchases: inside the village there are several shops, including a bazaar where in our opinion it is only worth making phone calls from the cabins, for each purchase it is better to go outside, and above all it is convenient to bargain.

On Tuesdays in the pool area there is a painting market, where you can also find costume jewelery and so on, from people who come from outside, very nice as an idea.

Santo Domingo places to see and excursions

Not to be missed is the excursion to the island of Saona, it costs $ 60 each including lunch, but it's definitely worth it.

On this island the cd "baptism"To the sound of rum it's pepsi in natural pools where there are splendid starfish.

For lunch we ate without lobster and a fabulous baked fish plus side dish and fruit.

After baths and usual photos, on an absolutely Caribbean beach with the sand that looked like talcum powder and hundreds of shells ... we left and took us to Catalinica a super mini island full of butterflies and very hot, a real charm!

But the even more beautiful thing is the tongue of sand that forms between Santo Domingo and this islet for the union of the caribbean sea andAtlantic Ocean.

After walking on the water, we left for the natural pools for a further stop (phantasmagoric stop).

In short, everything, all very nice, safe, cheap, and noteworthy.

Other excursions were made by us, renting a taxi which once took us to the market, and another day around the plantations.

We did both excursions with the driver Daniele for the modest sum of $ 60 in nine.

The last piece of information I leave you is about the weather .. I don't think a day has passed when it didn't rain for a while, but there is also the experience of their rain.

But even if there was not always a clear clear sky, given the heat, it was better this way than if there had been a sun breaking the stones.

As for mosquitoes and other various insects, I honestly have found more of us in Spain.

Sure, you will surely find them but just use a repellent to avoid annoyances.

In this magnificent place we spent two very beautiful and intense weeks, savoring the air of a country far from ours, with its rhythms, its colors, its music, its people !! Hope to come back .. Goodbye Santo Domingo.

Photo gallery Santo Domingo

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