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Excursion to the island of Cayo Saetia in Cuba. Information, advice and impressions.

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Cayo Saetia Cuba advice and information

An unmissable excursion to do for those who go to Cuba is onCayo Saetia island.

Cayo Saetia it's a real one natural Park where many live in freedom animals many of which are of African descent like the gazelles, zebras, the antelope, the ostriches, the crocodiles and of dromedaries and where you have the opportunity to admire a luxuriant nature that reaches the splendid sea that protects inside a wonderful barrier Reef.

And for whom to choose Cayo Saetia as a destination for your holidays is equivalent to being able to make many interesting excursions during your stay: safari, diving, horseback riding and boat trips, to reach the magnificent coves ed creeks where to spend moments of Relaxing total.

How to reach the island of Cayo Saetia

Cayo Saetia it is a small island of about 42 square kilometers, not very well known and therefore not invaded by mass tourism, reachable by helicopter, by sea or by a small bridge connected to the mainland in the province of Casas Particulares Holguin.

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Cayo Saetia island beaches

THECayo Saetia island is the right place for those who love the Relaxing, nature identity and the beautiful ones beaches.

Here you can relax and enjoy a sea fairytale on one of the 12 virgin beaches among which we advise you to see Gaviota Beach, El Penon Beach e Almendra Beach.

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Cayo Saetia Cuba image e foto

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