The 10 most beautiful and unmissable cities in Europe to visit during the Christmas period

December is the most awaited and magical month of the year and is the ideal time to organize holidays or long weekends in one of the so-called "Christmas Towns of Europe". Let's find out which are the most beautiful, characteristic and unmissable.

  • Cities of the Old Continent to see at Christmas
  • European Christmas cities to go on vacation
  • Stockholm - Sweden
  • Colmar – France
  • Tallinn - Estonia
  • Munich - Germany
  • Ljubljana - Slovenia
  • City of Christmas Europe: images and photos

Cities of the Old Continent to see at Christmas

Deciding to organize holidays or a very simple one weekend in one of the The most beautiful and characteristic Christmas cities in Europe, let's face it, it's everyone's dream.

Our beloved Old World it has to sell extraordinary beauties and for this reason the embarrassment of choice is, metaphorically speaking, "deafening".

European Christmas cities to go on vacation

Each European Christmas Town it presents itself with its own smells, its own perfumes, its own customs and its own traditions but the even more extraordinary thing is that they also give Christmas atmospheres very different from each other and, above all, from ours that are able to intrigue and stimulate the imagination of young and old.

Between shopping streets wonderfully decorated and illuminated with charm and elegance and among characteristic Christmas markets, let's find out together which are the 10 most beautiful and unmissable cities in Europe to visit during the Christmas period.

Where to go for Christmas

Stockholm - Sweden

Stockholm, the beautiful Capital of Sweden which stands on an incredible archipelago made up of 14 islands connected to each other by over 50 bridges, during the Christmas period it becomes something so fantastic that even the best photographs do not convey the idea.

La Stockholm Old Town it is located on Stadsholmen Island and the characteristic houses and the very elegant Christmas lights create unique plays of colors, think that this is one of the most illuminated European cities at Christmas.

During the Christmas holidays in Stockholm it is a must do Shopping ai Mercatini di Natale in Skansen and in the famous business of Stureplan Place, visit the beautiful and imposing Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) and take a mini-cruise to discover the most beautiful islands.

Colmar – France

While not a city of disproportionate size, Colmar deserves full marks to be "praised" in this guide because it is one of the places in the world where the Magic of Christmas It is a must".

The village of Colmar it is located in the Alsace region, is one of the most colorful cities in Europe and is a medieval jewel of rare beauty renamed with the name of "Little Venice".

In the neighborhoods Little Venice e Koïfhus and in Dominican Square you can go shopping inside the famous ones Christmas markets surrounded by fairytale atmospheres and unique architecture of its kind.

Tallinn - Estonia

The beautiful Capital of Estonia, Tallinn, is that European city where ancient and modern coexist harmoniously and we assure you that the Christmas atmosphere it offers are very difficult to tell.

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Here the Christmas period is particularly felt as in the distant 1441 in the Town Hall Square one of the oldest Christmas trees in Europe was placed.

I Mercatini at Natale in Tallinn are among the most famous in the world and are particularly popular with both families with small children and by lovers of good food as they offer refined "things" such as champagne, oysters, caviar and so on.

Take a stroll during the holiday season toompea, the Old Town of Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is priceless.

Munich - Germany

The City of Munich during the month of December is even more splendid and elegant; in short, a true splendor to be experienced and discovered.

Christmas is also one of the ideal times to visit the main ones attractions of this magnificent city, such churches, museums e historic buildings and strolling through its perfectly decorated and illuminated streets is priceless.

Unmissable stop is the Christmas market, the oldest Christmas market in the world dedicated to the Child Jesus which takes place in the evocative setting of MarienplatzIn the heart of the historic center of Munich.

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Ljubljana, the amazing Capital of Slovenia, is that "City of Christmas" that you do not expect and, despite being one of the smallest capitals ofEurope, it is never boring and super crowded and presents itself with a truly incredible and extraordinary so-called “festive face”.

This wonderful city it is without question one of the most illuminated in the world, there are Christmas lights in every corner and everywhere and its characteristic streets and alleys are completely invaded by the classic Christmas jingles and the delicious scents of mulled wine and toasted almonds.

Unmissable are the Christmas markets which are set up in the heart of the city and along the Ljubljanica River where you can buy very special things.

The others The most beautiful and unmissable Christmas cities in Europe to visit at Christmas I'm:

  • Zagreb - Croatia
  • Bruges - Belgium
  • Berlin - Germany
  • Zwolle - Netherlands
  • Warsaw - Poland

As you have noticed, we have not mentioned any Spanish cities or cities such as, just to mention a few, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Innsbruck, Budapest and Paris, which in addition to being the most famous, do not need any introduction.

If you want to make the children happy, however, in Rovaniemi in Lapland there is the real one Santa's House.

City of Christmas Europe: images and photos

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