Recipe of Romagna piadina: the original to be made at home

How to prepare the recipe for Romagna piadina at home: the original. After a trip to Rimini and after having tasted many piadinas, try making the Romagna piadina yourself, following the recipe of the queen of piadine: the recipe of the Dalla Lella piadineria.

La piadina it is a simple, poor dish of the Romagna tradition. In Romagna the recipes are wasted, who puts more water, who less salt, who puts the lard and who the yeast. There are actually many types of recipes, not just one. Some like it taller, some like it thinner, some like it more crunchy and some like it softer. Being in Rimini for a weekend and not tasting one of the 5 best wraps in Rimini, it is a real sacrilege!

Said thus, it would seem that a single recipe does not exist, and it is true, but there is original recipe of the Queen of wraps, From Lella that Lella herself published on her Facebook page during the Italian lockdown period (March, 2020).

Recipe of Romagna piadina: the original to be made at home

Rimini is a very beautiful city, beyond the piadina which is still one of the symbolic dishes of this city. Make a visit to the Roman city, make a 48 hour trip to Rimini and not seeing the symbols of this city is a pity, as is not tasting some dishes of its famous restaurants. And once back home, what do you do? Obviously you try to replicate the recipe of best piadina in Rimini, the piadina Dalla Lella.

Practical information
Difficulty: easy

Total preparation: 40 approximately minutes
Preparation: 10 minutes
Rest in the fridge: 30 minutes
Cooking: 10 minutes
Servings: 6 wraps

Recipe of Romagna piadina: the original to be made at home


For the dish:
1 kg of flour
1 pinch of salt
2 ounces of lard (or Ligurian olive oil or sunflower oil)
tap water

Piadina Romagnola preparation

Once all the ingredients have been put together on a wooden surface, start kneading. To make the real Romagna piadina you need time, patience and the desire to knead by hand. It takes a good dose of manual skills that are acquired over time. Pasta as a whole it should not be mixed very much, but it must be smooth. Knead the dough into a roll of dough and then cut the roll and form balls of dough. Each of those balls will be one of the Romagna wraps you will make.

Recipe of Romagna piadina: the original to be made at home

The balls of dough are put to rest in a deep plate, covered with a film. The dish goes to the fridge to rest about half an hour. Once taken from the fridge, with the indicated quantity of flour, there will be about 6, but the height depends a lot on how you like the Romagna piadina, whether it is very thin or higher. Before rolling them out with a rolling pin, the wraps must be crushed. They must be crushed so that the wraps, once rolled out with a rolling pin, do not break. La Lella says well in her video, "Piadina is a living body, the more you work it, the more it gains strength".


La piadina pan (the text, as it is called in Romagna), must be placed on the fire that must not burn, it must only be hot. To cook it, the piadina must remain on the pan that is on the fire, only a few minutes, no more (a few minutes on one side and a few minutes on the other). The fire should not be put too high, the piadina should be put on medium heat.

Recipe of Romagna piadina: the original to be made at home


The piadine from Romagna they have no yeast. In some parts of Italy dishes are made that are similar to piadina and that have yeast, but the original Romagna recipe, that of Lella (but Romagna in general) has no yeast.

Are you interested in trying the best wraps of Romagna? I point out to you with real pleasure 5 best wraps in Rimini, you can indulge yourself!

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