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What to see and what to do in Montecarlo. Guide and advice.

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Montecarlo Monaco advice and information

Monte Carlo, with the very famous Casino, the luxurious hotels and its clubs, is a year-round destination for crowned heads, personalities of international high finance, VIPs and ordinary tourists.

One of the best and most comfortable ways to visit the main attractions and monuments of Monte Carlo is definitely the Azur Express, the tourist train.

These little ones decorated trains with the national colors, lead passengers on an itinerary, also commented in Italian, through the most important streets and squares of the city, such as the port, where many yachts are always moored, among the largest and most prestigious in the world, the Casino with its gardens, up to the old part of the principality and al Prince's Palace.

Montecarlo Prince's Palace

Il Prince's Palace (Prince's Palace) is located in the same spot where a fortress founded by the Genoese in 1215 once stood, in a position that dominates the entire area.

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His visit is a wonderful journey through the centuries, from the era of the Guelphs and Ghibellines, up to Napoleonic period.

Adorned with gun batteries cast under Louis XIV, the Palace Square offers a unique panorama over the Port and Monte-Carlo up to the tip of Bordighera, as well as on the neighborhood of Fontvielle and Cap d'Ail.

Every day, at 11.55 precisely, the spectacular change of the car takes place in front of the main entrance of the building Carabinieri Guard in full uniform (black in winter, white in summer), according to a ceremonial unchanged for over a century.

In charge of the 24-hour surveillance of the Sovereign and of the Honor and escort services, the Compagnia dei Carabinieri del Principe has a Fanfare made up of 27 musicians, within which a small variety orchestra and a brass ensemble (for religious music) was formed.

La Fanfare performs in public concerts as well as on the occasion of official ceremonies, sporting events or international military music festivals.

Montecarlo museums

History dei Principi di Monaco (Wax Museum) is located in Rue Basse, one of the most picturesque streets of the old fortress, this museum illustrates historical scenes concerning the Grimaldi dynasty, in which wax characters are represented in life-size, often in authentic costumes.

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Il Monte-Carlo Film Story located near the Oceanographic Museum, this multivision show created by Setav Monaco helps us discover the origin, history and evolution of the Principality.

Il cinema's Museum, with free and free admission, instead presents "Monte-Carlo au Cinéma", a retrospective of original movie posters in homage to Monaco by the masters of the seventh art, as well as an exhibition of magic lanterns and other forerunners of cinema .

Montecarlo Cathedral

La Monaco Cathedral it was built in 1875, where an old XNUMXth century church once stood, dedicated to St. Nicholas, this building in Roman-Byzantine style houses the tombs of the deceased princes.

Inside you can admire above all one altarpiece, the work of the Nice painter Louis Bréa, from 1500 (right transept), theHigh altar and episcopal throne in white Carrara marble.

Le pontifical funzioni take place here, accompanied by the notes of a large four-keyboard organ, inaugurated in 1976, whose magnificence allows you to organize superb sacred music concerts.

Other really interesting things to see in Montecarlo are:

  • Fort Antoine fortress, built at the beginning of the 350th century on the north-eastern tip of the Rocca, it is today a magnificent open-air theater with XNUMX seats. The loopholes overgrown with bushes of myrtle and thyme they now form an enchanting setting in which high-quality shows are held in the summer.
  • Chapel of Mercy. Located on the Town Hall Square (in the old town) this chapel, built in 1639, was the seat of the Confraternity of Black Penitents. Among other works of religious art, it houses a solid wood crucifix from Monegasque Francois-Joseph Bosio, official sculptor of Emperor Napoleon I. A magnificent XNUMXth century ceramic work also adorns the upper part of the entrance door.

Montecarlo Casino

Il Casino of Montecarlo it owes its origin to Prince Charles III, who entrusted its construction to the famous architect charles garnier in 1862 under the supervision of the director of the games of Homburg Francois Blanc.

The reason for the creation of the Casino is to be found in the economic problems that the Monegasque state had to face after the secession of Menton and Rochebrune: how to finance the state with the population of the Rocca alone?

The management of the Casino was entrusted to the Societe-des-Bains-de-Mer (SBM) which in exchange had to provide the state with some public services, such as road maintenance, water and gas distribution, transport from and to for Nice and Menton.

This solution was so successful that after a few years, in 1869, the taxes for the.

His atrium paved in marble, surrounded by 28 Ionic columns in onyx, gives access to the Opera room, called “Salle Garnier”, decorated entirely in red and gold, in which a profusion of bas-reliefs, frescoes and sculptures stands out.

For over a century, its stage has been the setting for international opera events, prestigious concerts and exceptional ballets.

As for the "Gaming Fairs“, They constitute a vast set of rooms with stained glass windows, admirably decorated with sculptures, allegorical paintings, bronze chandeliers.

Another great pole of attraction is certainly the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

It takes place every year on probably the most famous circuit in the world, located on the public roads of the city ​​of Montecarlo.

Loved, hated and discussed, it has remained the only real city track in motor racing.

Montecarlo tips to save

You can spend real capital for one stay in Montecarlo but to save you just need to take small precautions.

As already widely advertised, you can spend a holiday in the principality without having to stay overnight.

It is enough to move very little from Montecarlo to find the same services and pay for them less than half.

We recommend, for example, to stay overnight in Sanremo o Bordighera, (10 minutes by car), or, to stay in French territory, stay in Roquebrune-Cap Martin, a neighboring town, a little more expensive Nice e Menton.

Montecarlo with its image, its history and that of its rulers, it is famous for the worldly and landscape atmosphere that one breathes, unique and indissoluble in the face of time.

It is no coincidence that they have decided to live in this luxury paradise, more than 5000 Spaniards.

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