Iceland by off-road vehicle (part two)

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Iceland guide, itinerary, what to see and places to visit

It is perhaps, the Landmannalaugar, the most fascinating place in the whole Iceland.

It is there that it is possible to imagine our planet in its infancy, it is there that the valleys seem to belong to a distant past.

Hills of various colors, from red to green, sharp ridges, steaming grounds, lakes, hidden valleys: a lost landscape that lives in the heart of Iceland, a photograph of a still wild and primordial land.

From there we go to an area of ​​large obsidian outcrops and then to visit a second, huge ice cave.

Iceland Mouth of Hell

In mouth of hell very few of us entered that day.

It opens in a semi-desert area, on the top of a hill.

A large cloud of steam comes out of the cave, hot, humid, noisy.

Getting down and approaching even for a few moments is tiring, you find yourself completely full of water droplets, you feel the need to breathe fresh air.

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Only one can stay inside, and seems to enjoy that unbearable fury of steam.

Iceland Reykjavik

We cross yet another desert, a ford and then off, towards the capital of Iceland.

Reykjavik it is a town that has very little to offer, it can be visited in half a day.

We enter the cathedral, where the statue of the Son of Iceland looks down on us from above.

You can have lunch in one of the many fast food restaurants, with excellent fish and chips, then wandering around the shops to buy souvenirs.

Dining off the coast, prices in Iceland are at least double those in Spain.

A pizza and a beer cost us almost 25 euros.

Icelandic fauna

Icelandic fauna is quite particular.

Very few animal species we encountered during our journey, crossing the island from east to north, from west to south with continuous routes inland.

I horses they are of a dwarf species, halfway between our own and the ponies.

Le sheep they are heaps of wool, which turn in groups of 3 or 4.

We managed to see quite a few mink, who fled by climbing a cliff and disappearing into its thousand holes.

Le seals they are shy, they don't like noise and confusion, but they allowed us to watch them from afar.

Le puffins debt puffin they were a surprise.

They should have already emigrated elsewhere, but a haggard group of half a dozen of those cute birds had lingered on the coast, so they could be photographed in absolute silence.

We then go to admire the Skogafoss waterfall which is very beautiful, one of the endless waterfalls of Iceland.

He dives into a beautiful lake and a small path allows us to take us behind the veil of water that falls from above.

Iceland by off-road vehicle

That day we also come to a cliff, the shore is made up of black pebbles of various sizes. A seagull enters the water, a seal timidly appears in the sea and 6 puffins enjoy the sunset on the cliff.

The wild forms of Iceland, which had accustomed us to unique landscapes, now surprise us with unexpected geometries.

We are Church floor, which in English is Churchfloor, church floor.

But there is no church there, no holy place.

It is only columnar basalt, which protrudes from the grassy ground making it resemble a floor, so much so that people have believed for years that a church once stood on that spot.

Immediately after we are at Svartifoss, still in the kingdom of the columnar basalt.

Near the glacier Vatnajokull.

The waterfalls can be reached along a path in the middle of the vegetation.

The jump opens at the top of a hill and ends in a pond.

Le black waterfalls, the black of the basalt, its perfect geometry, the shiny corners: another unforgettable place ofIceland.

The next morning we go to Jokulsarlon in the midst of the ice of iceberg, boulders of solid water floating in the bay.

With an amphibious vehicle we take the sand track that takes us into the water of the bay, the wheels walk for a few meters until the vehicle floats, so it is the propeller that takes us offshore.

All seated, with life jackets on, we enjoy the silence of the bay.

Then the first icebergs appear, huge white boulders that slide on the blue surface of the water.

It is ancient ice, from 1500 years ago and they even let us taste a piece of it.

Our 15 days in Iceland are over.

We return to the village where we landed on the way.

We can get money back, tax refund on purchased goods Tax free.

Then again ready for two long and boring days on the ship.

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Photo gallery Iceland

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