Himare, to discover the most beautiful beaches in Albania

Between Vlora and Saranda, Himare is a small town with ancient origins. And it is the ideal starting point to discover the most beautiful beaches in the country  

That theAlbania is an increasingly popular tourist destination, especially by Italians, is now a fact. Which are the best seaside towns for a holiday between the sun and relaxation? In the first places we certainly find Himare, a small town located along the Ionian coast, between Vlora and Saranda.

It is precisely in the surroundings of Himare, that there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. With just under 8.000 inhabitants, this charming village which overlooks the sea and has the mountains behind it, completely changes its face during the summer season: tourists come here from all over the world, attracted by the splendid Albanian waters, , from nature and from the abandoned villages that dot the coast. Besides, of course, from super affordable cost of living. What are the most beautiful beaches? First, the beach itself I know Himare: not far from the centre, it is made up of white stones that descend to an intense blue sea. This is a place suitable for children too, a long strip of sand with large free spaces and a few bars for lunch breaks.

Beach near Himare

Moving a little away from Himare – which in any case deserves a visit, with its ancient buildings and sacred places such as the church of the Virgin or the church of Kasopitra -, you can come across other beaches that deserve a stop: for example, the beach of Gjipe is one of the most hidden and most suggestive places on the entire Albanian coast. Must walk for half an hour along a red earth path that descends from the red mountains to the sea, to reach it, but once you arrive the show is breathtaking: the turquoise waters and the cliffs that turn from red to black make Gjipe one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania.

Instead, it is less wild Jale, north of Himare: located in a small gulf, it is a small pebble beach equipped with establishments, bars and restaurants. The water is crystal clear, at any time of the day, and the particularly lively character of the area makes it the favored by youth groups.

The “hidden” beach of Gjipe

Other beaches that can be reached from Himare are the Porto Palermo beach and Borsh beach. The first is among the most loved by tourists, for the possibility it offers to dive into crystalline waters surmounted by the fortress built by Ali Pasha Tepelena: a fairytale context, easily reachable on foot, and which really resembles a natural swimming pool. There borsch beach – 7 kilometers long – is instead the largest in the country and is immersed in a green and luxuriant nature. South of Himare and two kilometers from the village of Qeparo, it is one of the liveliest and most popular, also perfect for relaxing walks along the shore.

How do you get to Himare? By bus, from Tirana airport, or by ferry (departing from Bari, Brindisi and Taranto). Unless you choose to explore Albania with a suggestive road trip.

The bay of Porto Palermo

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