Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches

The list of the ten most popular beaches in the Land of Eagles

Albania has become in recent years one of the main European tourist destinations thanks to its Riviera and its splendid beaches. But which are the most beautiful Albanian beaches? Here is the list of the ten most popular in the Land of Eagles.


One of the hidden gems of Albania is definitely the beach of Gjipe. Tourists can get there by boat or even by car, although in the latter case they will necessarily have to continue a stretch of road on foot to the coast.

The beach is surrounded by high rocks, which gives the feeling of being on a secret island and not on a normal beach. The water is crystal clear with wonderful dark tones.

Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches
Gjipe beach is enclosed between VunĂČ and Ilias, two small villages in southern Albania.


The town of Ksamil has many attractive beaches, so it won't be difficult to find an area to your liking. Not for nothing is it one of Europe's summer paradises and one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, especially in the months of July and August.

The sand is clear and the sea turquoise and shallow; on the beach there are a couple of bars and restaurants. The lido is connected with shuttles from Saranda.

Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches
Ksamil - in southern Albania


It is located south of Vlora on the stretch of coast between the Llogara Pass and Saranda. It is a splendid golden sandy beach, long and wide. The lido is well connected with many bars and restaurants and it is possible to rent sun loungers and umbrellas. The waters are very clean and quite deep. On the promenade there are discos and pubs that become meeting places and fun in the evening.

Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches
Dhermi beach is located south of Vlora.


The city of Durres is one of the main destinations of the country and one of the most developed stretches of coastline. It is only a 30-40 minute drive from the capital Tirana and therefore, in addition to being a destination for foreign tourists, it is also very popular among Albanian citizens.

Here you will find everything you need for a lovely vacation by the sea.

Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches
Adriatic Sea, Durres

Gramë Bay

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Albania, Gramë Bay is a wonderful destination to spend summer days by the sea, near Vlora.

It can only be reached by boat and offers camping facilities. But it is good to remember to bring food and water and everything you need for the day, as the area does not offer other services.

Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches
Gulf of Grama, Dhermi, Albania

Drymades Beach

Although officially considered one of the beaches of Dhërmi, the great popularity of this place is known throughout the country, but not only.

With one of the longest coastlines in the south (6 km long), beautiful bays, excellent accommodation and western nightlife, the beach offers a unique atmosphere for all tourists.


It is one of the largest cities in southern Albania and has a new boulevard full of bars, cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets and much more.

Himara's many beaches and its strategic position, from where you can easily access all the most beautiful beaches in the south, are just some of the reasons why many visitors choose Himara as a vacation spot.

The ancient castle, churches, delicious restaurants, traditional houses and modern tourist facilities make this the perfect place for a 360-degree summer experience.

Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches

Livadh Beach

If you visit Himara, then it is a must to also go to Livadh Beach, which is just a few kilometers away.

The beach is one of the longest in the country and has become famous for its dark-colored waters and the olive trees that surround it.

Karaburun Beach

This beach is located within the Karaburun-Sazan National Park, the only marine park in the country. The reserve extends for these two kilometers, near the bay of Vlora.

Within the park there are Roman ruins and remains of the Second World War. The area is ideal for scuba diving due to the steep cliffs and underwater caves.


Saranda is a city on the sea, facing the island of Corfu. Even in the city you can take the opportunity to take a swim in the crystal clear sea. The beach is pebble and well connected. On the promenade there are restaurants and bars for all tastes.

In addition, within walking distance from the city center, it is possible to go to other attractive beaches such as 'Pasqyrat'.

Albanian Riviera, top ten most beautiful beaches
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