Green Village, a green resort on the Danube delta in Romania

A unique atmosphere to experience: you will feel like you are traveling in time going back to 50 years ago. For all lovers of relaxation and eco-sustainability.

Il Green Village of Sfantu Gheorghe it's a relaxing eco resort which is located in Romania, in the area of Danube Delta.

Green Village, a green resort on the Danube delta in Romania

Those who do not yet know this place will be surprised to find that it is one area of ​​considerable naturalistic interest as well as one of the most important ecosystems in the world.

Danube Delta: a protected area

The Danube Delta is indeed protected area where you can admire many species of birds some of which can only be found here.

Green Village, a green resort on the Danube delta in Romania

Tourism in this area must therefore necessarily be green and sustainable, respecting the environment and animals.

If these conditions are for you, then read on ...

Sleeping at the Green Village in Romania

The Green Village is located in Sfantu Gheorge, at the point where the Danube meets the Black Sea. The location is one of the most relaxing places I have seen during my travels.

It seems to be in a place of the past, away from everything and everyone.

The noises you hear are those of nature and despite being a 4 star resort, the villas and bungalows are built in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, as are the areas dedicated to leisure and catering.

Green Village, a green resort on the Danube delta in Romania

Wood and straw are the main materials and the resort, divided into different spaces, is surrounded by a garden, inside which there is also a bucolic pond.

The Green Village rises right in front of the Danube, which is accessed by passing on small wooden bridges that cross the lake and give the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

What to do during a stay at the Green Village

While the surrounding landscape invites relaxation, during a stay at the Green Village there are many activities to spend time with.

You will find a gym, spa, cinema room, outdoor jacuzzi and outdoor swimming pool where to swim or sunbathe.

Sports enthusiasts can devote themselves to all kinds of activities, from aquagym to yoga, from jogging to volleyball, football, water skiing, cycling and archery.

Within the resort there are also a brewery and restaurant, which uses herbs and spices grown directly in the garden inside the Green Village.

The tours to try in the Danube Delta

Right outside the resort there is a small dock from which boats depart for visit the Danube Delta area.

Another tour to try starting from the Green Village is the Letea Forest, which can be easily reached by boat.

On foot you can reach the characteristic center of Sfantu Gheorghe walking through its placid dirt roads. You won't find much to see beyond a church, a small museum and the harbor.

What, however, in my opinion is unique is that here the environment seems to have remained 50 years ago, in its decadent buildings, in the faces of the inhabitants and in the tranquility of life that flows slowly in this place.

How to get to the Green Village

There are different options to reach the Green Village, for all types of travelers and for all budgets:

-by car

-by boat from Murighiol

-by train to Tulcea

-by helicopter

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