A trip to Vietnam: what to see in 2 weeks, from Ho Chi Min to Hanoi

No visa needed!

The visa is no longer necessary for stays up to 15 days and single entry, until 30 June 2021. On 17 May 2018, in fact, the government provision was extended, already in force since 1 July 2015 and renewed in 2016 and 2017 , which provides for the unilateral exemption from the requirement of an entry visa to Vietnam, without distinction by type of passport or reason for the visit, limited to single entry for a maximum duration of 15 days.

When to go to Vietnam

Vietnam is a geographically very different country, and there is no right season to visit the whole country. The fact that it is narrow and long complicates things. If you go there in winter (as I did) to the south it is sunny and warm while to the north it is cooler and cloudy; if you go there in the summer it's the other way around… you can't escape! In general, however, they say that autumn / winter is the best time to go there.

How much

Vietnam is a very cheap country for Europeans. Less than 50 euros per day are spent.

Health insurance is required


In Vietnam, our health coverage is not valid. My advice is to always take a classic medical-luggage insurance that can cover you during the trip. I am very happy with many insurance companies, a site that compares the policies of different companies and proposes the most convenient policy for that particular trip. To do this you will have to enter the data relating to your trip (country, duration, etc.) and they will send you an email with the best proposal that you can then buy directly online.

The 14-day itinerary in Vietnam

Day 1: flight Milan- Ho Chi Min

Day 2: visit of Ho Chi Min

Day 3: Mui Ne

Day 4: Mui Ne

Day 5: volo da Na Thrang a Da Nang e arrivo a Hoi An

Day 6: Hoi An + Marble mountains

Day 7: Hoi An + My Son

Day 8: transfer to Hue and visit of the imperial city

Day 9: Huè, trip on the river to visit the royal mausoleums

Day 10: flight to Hanoi

Day 11: Hanoi

Day 12: Hanoi + Baia in Halong

Day 13: flight back to Milan passing by x Ho Chi Min

Where to sleep in Vietnam

  • Ho Chi Min. Hotel Madame Cuc: Small hotel / hostel in the backpackers area, nice, comfortable and clean
  • Mui Ne. Lucy Resort: Nice bungalows, practically on the beach. There is also a swimming pool! 
  • Hoi An. Hoi An Ancient House Resort: very nice hotel just outside the center of Hoi An (you can get there on foot in 10 '), with swimming pool and super breakfast! They also rent bikes.
  • Today. Pilgrimage Village: a super luxury hotel a few kilometers outside of Hue (there are shuttle buses to go to the center). If you book it a minimum of days in advance you will find offers and spend just over 30 euros each to stay in a paradise. Mega pools, spas, imperial suites, and so on .. more! A dream place!
  • Hanoi. Aranya Hotel: a nice hotel, without infamy and without praise, not far from the center of Hanoi. Convenient area to visit everything in the city.

Where to eat

Street food in Vietnam is outstanding! Don't miss the Pho (their typical soup) and the Vietnamese rolls. Just beware of pepper, they use industrial quantities!

Hoi An

  • Morning Glory: very good Vietnamese cuisine restaurant. It also has some fusion dishes
  • Casa Italia: for the nostalgic of Italian cuisine (and to find decent wine)

Today. Le Carambole: very good Vietnamese and European cuisine restaurant. 


  • Green Tangerine: very nice restaurant (located in an art deco style villa, in the center) and very good! Franco-Vietnamese cuisine. Excellent value for money
  • Verticale: starred restaurant, by chef Didier, in a colonial house. A unique experience! The tasting menu consists of 10 dishes, associated with almost as many glasses of wine. An incredible journey into Franco-Vietnamese cuisine. Probably the most expensive restaurant in Vietnam (100 euros each), but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it!

What to see in Vietnam: all the places not to be missed

Hoi An 

A town near the sea, in the middle of Vietnam, under Da Nang. It is a small town, but very nice and suggestive. You can stay there for several days, to relax even by the sea (you can rent bikes and in 15 'you are on the beach). It is, with good reason, a backpacker's paradise in Vietnam. Don't miss the Marble Mountains nearby !! They are spectacular rock pagodas. The archaeological site of My Son, on the other hand, can be safely skipped, it is not worthwhile to get up at dawn to visit it.

Mui Ne

White beaches and palm trees just a few hours by bus from Ho Chi Min. From there you can also go to see the sand dunes of the Source of the Fairies… an almost psychedelic landscape?


The ancient capital of Vietnam is one of the most fascinating cities in Vietnam. Absolutely not to be missed is the imperial city (a kind of forbidden mini city) and the trip on the river to visit the royal mausoleums (many, different and impressive).

Baia in Halong

Let's say that almost everyone associates Vietnam with Halong Bay and let's say “she” doesn't disappoint! The only flaw is that it is really very touristy. For the rest, you can't miss it! Thousands of islets that make you lose your bearings!


The capital of Vietnam is a beautiful city, with colonial buildings, monuments and parks surrounding the great red lake / river. You eat very well !!!!

NOTE: : for reasons of time I have not been there Sapa (to the north, the mountainous region north of Hanoi with rice fields and ethnic minorities), ne a Phu Quoc (the almost tropical island located in the south, near Cambodia), ne sul Mekong delta (always in the South, if you want you can get to Cambodia by river starting from here), but those who have been there tell me that all 3 deserve! If you have more than 2 weeks don't miss !!

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