Zimbabwe and its climate, here's when to go

    Lo Zimbabwe it is located along the tropical belt of Capricorn and appears divided into two distinct climatic moments: that of rains, that goes from October to April and that dry, from May to September. This last season enjoys sunny days with temperatures ranging between 20 and 25 degrees, while the nights are cooler and clearer.

    During the rainy season, however, the thermometer hovers over 30% but with a very high percentage of humidity, especially in the Zambezi valley where the heat appears really oppressive. During the dry period it is easier sighting animals, which tend to concentrate along the few pools of water and near rivers, while, during the rainy season, the animals tend to scatter more, thus becoming less easy to find and observe.

    It must be said, however, that July and August they also correspond to the months when schools are closed, so you can meet a few more tourists, not only from Europe but also from neighboring countries. Furthermore, during the rainy season, the surrounding area is tinged with almost surreal colors, from the bright green to the pinks and purples of many flowers; the birds, then, during the mating season, change their plumage taking on wonderful shades.

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