Kibbutz in Israel, where to sleep low cost

Sleeping in a Kibbutz in Israel is the best way to better understand the local culture, but also to save money. If you are planning your trip and want to try authentic experiences, read this article.

When you decide to stay in Israel, the choice of accommodation almost always falls in the hotel or b & b, but there is another way to sleep well and maybe save something, we are talking about kibbutz.

Kibbutz in Israel, where to sleep low cost

They developed in a short time and have also become an interesting way to tell the story of the country and experience one's stay and trip to Israel quite differently.

Kibbutz in Israel, where to sleep low cost

What is the Kibbutz

Historically the kibbutz was born several years ago, many, about 90 years ago. The name kibbutz comes from the Hebrew word "kvutzaWhich means group. The original idea was revolutionary, in fact it was based on the idea that a group of people could voluntarily live together, respecting the idea of ​​a social contract, based on equality.

Today the kibbutzis are still like that, but they allow tourists who want to try a different way to stay and want to too save something, to opt for this type of accommodation. The accommodations are however very different from each other, very similar to bed and breakfasts, theatmosphere informal and the sharing common spaces always very present.

Kibbutz in Israel, where to sleep low cost

Kibbutz Hotel Chain

To find or try to search for these types of accommodation, you can do a search on Kibbutz Hotel Chain. It is the largest hotel group in all of Israel. You will immediately notice how the kibbutzim differ in the services they offer. From the most basic to the most luxurious with lots of outdoor pools and fine restaurants.

Another feature of this type of accommodation is that kibbutzim are located almost always isolated from big cities. Contact with nature is fundamental, both because community life is very important, and because places in the countryside are preferred for agricultural activity: so yes, they have a lot of kibbutz.

Kibbutz in Israel, where to sleep low cost

When to stay in the Kibbutzes

Many tourists prefer to stay in the kibbutzim during the Jewish religious holidays. In this way it is possible to follow the rituals and activities of this religion more closely. Furthermore, you also get in tune with the land you are visiting. Not only that, during these holidays the hotels in the big cities are literally stormed and many times the kibbutz is an obligatory choice, which not everyone thinks of.

Sleeping in a kibbutz as culturally interesting and curious as it may be, it can also be tiring. Several rules must be respected and among these, one above all is thereturn time in the evening which is almost never after 23 pm. Community life, however, knows how to give many emotions, starting from conviviality e generosity with which you are welcomed, which certainly repays all the journey made to get to Israel.

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