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I hardly hear the Italians talking about going to visit the Philippines, this magnificent country that in a few years has considerably increased the number of tourists.
Here 10 buoni motivi to go and visit this country!

1. English

One of the first reasons that absolutely must be put at the top of the list as essential in a trip, is that these people have a level of English that allows communication with everyone. There main language is Tagalog but at school most of the subjects are studied by students in English, so this allows you to have a certain communication with all teenagers up to 40 years old. So if you can't communicate with some Filipino just ask some guy and help will be given to you.

2. Friendly people

A second reason why this country must absolutely be visited is always linked to the population but this time to the behavior they have in the people towards the foreigner, absolutely friendly. Please note that the Philippines is a safe place to travel even if you are a girl on your first solo trip. You need to have some precautions in wandering alone on dark streets with a low impact of strollers, otherwise feel free to rent mopeds, bicycles and take the various public transport. If you are a brave traveler, you will be asked to visit their home and eat with them to chat without asking for anything in return except your presence.

3. Budget

Let's talk about the economic factor, the one that gives you an edge on this trip. We are not talking about expensive flights, as we have to consider that the Philippines is in another part of the world and is not just around the corner. It doesn't matter what kind of tourists you are but the prices around here are remarkably low, in case you are a backpacker, the daily budget you can get around on 20 € which includes eating, drinking and a few beers! If you go as a couple this budget can be around 30 euros per day. The euro is absolutely valued in fact today 1 euro corresponds to approximately 60 pesos, this will allow you to have an excellent purchase value that will make you take a leap in quality to your holidays. It is highly advisable to avoid hotel chains and places considered to be western (Italian or European restaurants, etc.), they will make your expenses soar as if you were in Italy and tastes will not be like those of our home! Filipino restaurants or the famous street food they will delight you and make your wallet happy because for less than 2 euros you can have a meal with a drink even in your darling Manila!

4. Beaches

In a country where they are 7000 islands, not all liveable, there is absolutely no shortage of beaches. We can say about all the colors! If you are in Manila and you don't want to leave Luzon (the region where this capital is located) you have an opportunity for beaches ranging from North to South. Surfing, diving, snorkeling e sleeping on deserted islands are some of the activities that can be carried out. If we move to the central region (Visayas) we find white beaches and bars almost on the sea that will make you forget the stress of our Italy. Here is a short list of some of the most popular and easy to reach names in geographical order: San Fernando, Batangas, El Nido, Coron, Boracay, Siargao, Camiguin, Tubbataha Reefs, Pamalican, Samal, Bantayan ...

5. Volcanoes

A constitution of 100% volcanic gives the Philippines some spectacular volcanoes that are famous for theirs eruptions not entirely historical but contemporary. The Luson region has the largest number of volcanoes, including: Taal, Mayon and Pinatubo, while we find the following important volcanoes between Mindanao and the Visayas region: Apo and Kanlaon. If you are in Manila and you don't have much time at your disposal, you can make aday trip'which will allow you to admire a magnificent lake located in the central crater on top. With about 20 euros it will be possible to rent a van with other passengers and a driver who will take you to the volcano and will wait for you until the end of your excursion.

6. Underground river

If you are a hunter of wonders of the world, here in the Philippines there is one: the Puerto Princesa underground river. A navigable river for 4,5 km with one of the classic Filipino rowing boats. Navigating this river you will feel like you are on a huge cave, you will be shown formations of stalactites and stalagmites to which the Filipinos give names because of the similarities. It will be easy to run into tip of the Titanic and your driver will whistle the theme song of that famous movie! All this will be possible for you to experience it for just under 20 euros (about 1250 pesos).

7. Rice terraces

They are not part of the 7 wonders of the world but they were ideal candidates. THE rice terraces! It is possible to find them north of Manila between city ​​of Sagada, Banaue, Batad and other villages not easily accessible. The landscape that will open in front of you, once you reach these mixed terraces with a different climate, will make you forget the humid heat of the beaches and the real local people will make you integrate even more with the Filipino culture. Don't go for fun, all the clubs close at 21.30pm!

8. Chocolate Hills

Have you ever seen any chocolate hills? To do this you have to go to the island of Bohol located in the Visayas region near Cebu, where the hills of limestone sandstone, shale clay with the few tufts of grass dried by the hot summer, form that color similar to chocolate from which the name derives. Chocolate Hills.

9. Local transport

Local transport. In English it would be a must. Once you enter the country, you will want to try traditional local transport such as Jeepney, trycicle and bycicle. The former is often found in large cities and as links between small villages, a capacity of About 12 people sitting on the edge of this long jeep. The trycicle, a scooter with a side seat that has a capacity of about 4 people and a rain cover allows you to make trips within villages for a few Pesos (almost always less than 1 euro per trip) and to finish the bycicle, like the trycicle only that your driver will be on board a bike and it is possible to find it in the historic center of the cities (eg: Intramouros in Manila) and allows you to move for distances of less than XNUMX km! Transport costs vary according to the distance traveled but it is safe to say that you can get on a ride in a jeepney for 100 km and spend just under 9 euros.

10. Local food

Another reason you won't regret choosing the Philippines is the food. If you are a vegetarian you will have a hard time settling in but if you are meat is one of your favorite dishes, start tasting Adobo, chicken sinigang or simply crocodile. Try to taste foods that you will never eat in Italy but with a very good taste like crow's feet or chicken intestines, chicken lungs and don't forget the boiled duck egg but with a small embryo inside! The street food it is a must try, you will be happy!

Now you just need to go and check these 10 good reasons for yourself in a country where, thanks to our euro, it will be possible for you to do unthinkable activities because they are too expensive here in Italy, in short, as a Filipino slogan says: It's more fun in the Philippines!

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