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    Widespread hotel Torre della Botonta in Castel San Giovanni, Umbria

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    It is no coincidence that theUmbria is the region with the largest number of Diffused Hotels in Italy. His landscapes are a perfect mix of interaction between man and nature, where neither of them overlooks the other, but they complement each other harmoniously, creating unique scenarios in the world. Umbria is certainly small, but it is the beating heart of Italy, both for its geographical position and for the character it possesses: silent, but strong and decisive.

    In this precious historical and cultural context an idea was born, carried on by two Umbrian sisters, which in 2010 saw its final fulfillment: combine history with eco-sustainability, to welcome travelers and tourists who find themselves visiting “the green heart of Italy”. Thus was born the Albergo Diffuso Torre della Botonta, located right inside the Albornoz fortress of Castel San Giovanni (PG). The fortress dates back to 1376 when Cardinal Albornoz was commissioned to build it by Frederick II and was long disputed between the cities of Trevi and Spoleto. Inside the walls there is a fortified town, a Romanesque church, beautiful 400th century residences and the remains of what was the history of the castle.

    Seven rooms, each bears the name of one natural fiber (Hemp, Silk, Linen, Juta, Wool and Cotton) and all are located inside the ancient buildings of the village, such as the bank, the oven, the ancient town hall and the watchtower. The leitmotif of this beautiful "widespread story" is the eco-sustainability and attention to the use of natural and organic materials, recycled elements together with both antique and modern furniture, always in full respect of the environment.

    One of the most evocative places of the Albergo Diffuso is the Rivellino, an ancient connecting cave between the Tower and the East Tower, dating back to 1460, where today romantic dinners "just for two" or themed dinners are organized. A truly unique luxury of its kind.

    For those who want to stay in history will certainly not be disappointed by this splendid Albergo Diffuso, which still presents in some rooms the frescoed living room, ancient chimneys, connecting caves between different environments, all crowned by love for nature and respect for the environment.

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