Where to eat near Biella: the Taverna del Gufo

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I recently had dinner at Tavern of the Owl, which is located in Occhieppo Inferiore, a town a stone's throw from piston rod, my city at the foot of the Pre-Alps. I enjoyed that dinner so much, from the appetizer to the dessert, that I cannot recommend this restaurant to you when you pass by.

The environment is small and welcoming, the colored walls and the decorated and intimate rooms: one has the impression of being in the living room at a friend's house, in this case Toio (in the dining room) and Stefi (in the kitchen), husband and wife .

I decided to try the tasting menu and I chose the raw meat with bagna cauda as an appetizer, I continued with gnocchi with pumpkin and chestnuts creamed with butter and Castelrosso cheese; as a second i took i pork fillet medallions with mashed potatoes, apples and plums and, in order not to miss anything, I concluded with nougat semifreddo and hot chocolate sauce. All this for 30 euros excluding drinks. A little expensive? Let's say in the average of restaurants at this level: everything was exquisite and in my memories there is a perfect dinner, warm and that made me go home more than full and satisfied. Because once in a while it's nice pamper the palate and mood!

Visit the de The Tavern of the Owl, after that I wait for you in Piedmont! :)

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