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    Where to eat Italian pizza in New York

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    Among pizzerias present a Manhattan, certainly there are not a few that offer good pizza, especially good for Italians who know about pizza. In New York there are many Italians who live there but also New Yorkers who love pizza not only as they do it in the Big Apple, but also as we do it in Italy. This is why real Italian pizza is making its way more and more often in the colorful lot of American fast food and street food, here's where to find it and where to enjoy it at its best.

    Most of the places that offer pizza have Italian names, often Neapolitan and they all swear to be the inventors of the food most loved by Italians and Americans. There are not a few American films in which the stereotypical figure of the Neapolitan pizza chef is found, or who has such an accent, and who has made his way into the Big Apple with flour and tomato shots.

    But luckily there are many Americanized pizzerias with everything above, including shrimp combined with chicken. We are from Two Boots Pizzerias. From John's Famous Pizzeria there are pizzas with a thin texture and a sweetish taste, while at Stromboli Pizzeria the sauce is spicy and the pizzas only take place to enjoy all the spicy comfortably at home.

    Arturo's Pizzeria offers crispy pizza and the place offers piano music and a quiet place with a relaxed atmosphere. Pasty's Pizzeria offers pizzas with very fresh ingredients garnished with a hard to forget sesame paste.

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