Where to eat in Tenerife

Eating in Tenerife advice and guide to the best typical Spanish and international restaurants.

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Tenerife restaurants

Tenerife, as well as all the others Canary Islands, has an infinity of restaurants where you can taste many culinary specialties.

I restaurants in Tenerife they will propose to you typical Canarian dishes whose cuisine is a mix of spanish dishes influenced by the flavors ofLatin america and, above all, ofAfrica.

In this article We of the Forbookinglovers.com staff we will give you gods advice and suggestions su where to eat in the main cities of Tenerife.

Ristoranti Playa de las Americas Tenerife

Here is according to our experience and according to the reviews of travelers where to eat well in Playa de Las Americas:

  • Castilian Meson - (Spanish cuisine) Av. Antonio Dominguez, 38/40
  • Pasta & Vino Restaurant and Pizzeria - (Italian and international cuisine) Paseo Maritimo Edificio Tenerife Royal Garden, 6
  • The Terrace of the Sea - (Italian and international cuisine) CC Salytien, Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina
  • Sugar and Spice Restaurant – (international kitchen) Av.Rafael Puig Rs Los Cardones

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  • The White Mill - (Spanish cuisine) Pasaje Austria, 5
  • La Mar - (fish cuisine) - Playa Las Vistas
  • Blue Marlin Restaurant - (fish cuisine) Puerto Colon
  • The Cave of the Sea - (fish cuisine) Av.El Dominguez 14
  • Meson Las Lanzas - (Spanish cuisine) Av. Noelia Afonso Cabrera

Santa Cruz Tenerife restaurants

Here is according to our experience and according to the reviews of travelers where to eat well in Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

  • Taberna Ramon - (fish and Spanish cuisine) Rambla General Franco, 56
  • Tasca de la Mar el Mero - (fish and Spanish cuisine) Calle Rosa, 11
  • Benijo Lookout - (fish cuisine) Carretera Benijo - Anaga
  • La Playita Restaurant in Santa Cruz - (fish cooking) Carretera Autovia San Andres, 21

  • La Cueva Caprichosa Restaurant - (Spanish and fish cuisine) Calle de la Brita
  • Convivo Restaurant - (Spanish, international cuisine and pizzeria) Calle de Numancia, 19
  • El Rincon de las Paellas Restaurant - (fish and Spanish cuisine) Calle Capitan Gomez Landero, 17
  • Al Padrino Restaurant – (Italian cuisine and pizzeria) Av. Three of May,

Ristoranti Los Cristianos Tenerife

Here are some of the best restaurants in Los Cristianos where to eat well:

  • Pancho's Corner - (Spanish cuisine) Calle Valle Menendez, 20
  • Chill Out - (fish and Spanish cuisine) Paseo Vistas, 4
  • Onboard Restaurant - (fish and Spanish cuisine) Paseo Juan Bariajo, 6
  • Restaurante Tajao - (fish cuisine) Paseo Maritimo, 17

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  • Little Pocket House - (Spanish cuisine) Calle Amalia Alayon, 16
  • The Dove Restaurant - (Spanish cuisine) Calle Paloma, 7 Arona
  • Nonna Fina Restaurant (fish, international and vegetarian cuisine) Calle Juan XXIII
  • Tagoro House - (Spanish and international cuisine) Calle Valle Menendez, 28

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