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    Where to eat in Paris, the quiche de La fourmi ailée

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    During my trip to Paris I have been to several restaurants that I had read very well about before leaving. One of these is definitely The fourmi ailée: it is located a stone's throw from Our Lady, on the Left Bank, and is a café / bookshop / brasserie, depending on the time of day in which to sit down to eat or even just to enjoy a good hot tea, or to taste the Tartre au pommes which seems to be very popular with customers.

    La position of this place is strategic and the location is truly full of charm: you are in an environment withrelaxed atmosphere, the walls are full of books and prints, in one corner there is also a fireplace, the ceiling is frescoed and with the darkness the many lights scattered around the room turn on making everything even more intimate and romantico, definitely a little bohemian.

    The staff are always extremely nice and helpful. It is the right place if you want to spend some time in a relaxed and peaceful environment with yours sweet half or even just between friends. The prices are "Parisian" but not excessive, we went there in the evening to dine with a fantastic and huge slice of quiche, accompanied by a good glass of wine, spending about 15€. Only advice: go there!

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