Where to eat

Where to eat

The variety of restaurants in the United States is remarkable. In big cities like New York, you can find restaurants from almost every country in the world. In addition to the usual array of independent restaurants, the United States has a slew of fast food and restaurant chains.

Even if you think you know the big fast food chains in the United States, you will never know them all, the national variety is immense. Ethnic cuisine from other parts of the world is often highly appreciated by American tastes who in fact very often use locally available ingredients. This is especially true of Asian cuisines, especially Chinese.

Many restaurants, particularly those serving fast food or breakfast, do not serve alcohol, and many others can only serve beer and wine. Portions are generally huge, regardless of the style of the restaurant, although this trend has recently moderated with increasingly health-conscious customers.

Many restaurants now offer different portion options, although it may not be immediately noticeable. When ordering, ask if portion choices are available. Bringing home what is left over is a very common habit and a good way to get two meals for the price of one. Ask for a to-go box at the end of your meal to take everything home or to the hotel.

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