What to see in California: the cities, parks and beaches not to be missed

California is the third largest state in the United States, with a population of over 40 million. In California there are countless places to see and visit, with many activities to do. With such a great offer, we have selected the cities, places and symbols of this state that you shouldn't miss.

The descriptions are concise, also in order not to detract from the pleasure of discovering many things during the trip. California is an immense country with unique landscapes and will be able to fascinate every type of traveler or tourist.

City to visit

Los Angeles

Visiting the immense city of Los Angeles is almost mandatory on a trip through California. This city is one of the most spectacular in the whole of the United States, with so many attractions to see. Some are outside the city, but not far away, easily accessible by rental car.

LA is the world capital of cinema, with a dedicated district, Hollywood. Numerous stars have chosen this city to live there, also fascinated by the mild climate all year round. The symbols of the neighborhood are there Hollywood Walk of Fame, the gigantic Hollywood sign on the hill, the Griffith park e Griffith Observatory.

Besides Hollywood other famous neighborhoods are Beverly Hills e Santa Monica. Do not miss the visit of the various film studios and amusement parks like Disneyland e Universal Studios Hollywood.

San Francisco

One of the most charming cities in America it is definitely San Francisco. The skyscrapers and immense bridges give the city a unique charm and atmosphere. It is also one of the most dynamic and charismatic cities, with a multicultural population.

Do not miss a visit to the Pier 39 ed all’iAlcatraz solotto, made famous by many films and legends. Instead, among the things to do there is certainly a ride on the historic trams, i Cable Car, walking the steep streets of the city.

San Diego

The most important city in southern California is San Diego. It is a typical American city with huge skyscrapers, Department stores e impressive theme parks as the Seaworld San Diego and San Diego Zoo.

In the city you can breathe a strong Mexican influence due to its proximity. His are very famous beautiful and endless beaches. Lastly, but among the main things to do, a nice one walk along the seafront that runs along the harbor.

The Vegas, Nevada)

Although it does not belong to California, but to the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is a must on tours discovering the Californian landscape. Visitors arrive attracted by the myth of gamblingfrom large luxury hotels and by casino lights. An artificial city in the middle of the desert, also made famous by many films.

Natural parks

Yosemite e Death Valley are the most famous and visited natural parks in California. Even if the Grand Canyon it is not a national park of the country, but of Arizona, it is almost always included in the tours of the country as for the city of Las Vegas.

Other very interesting and practically close parks are the Sequoia national park and Kings Canyon. In these 2 parks you can admire the tallest trees on the planet, the sequoias. Another peculiarity of the Kings Canyon, is the deepest canyon in all of the United States, with a depth of 2.500 meters.

Amusement, theme and water parks

California is a top destination for theme park lovers and amusement parks in general. In addition to the famous and legendary Disneyland Resort located half an hour from Los Angeles, there are countless other interesting parks.

Among the most important amusement parks, the ones that are definitely worth a visit are: Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld San Diego, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm e Legoland.

Thanks to its warm climate almost all year round, there are also numerous water parks to visit. The three best water parks in California are Knotts Soak City, Aquatica San Diego e Raging Waters Los Angeles.


One of the main attractions of California are its immense beaches. In northern California, the summer season is short, while in the southern part it is practically summer all year round.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beach also consider this factor, while any period is good for the visit. The most famous beaches are those of Santa Barbara, Malibu e San Diego, made famous by numerous films.


If you can see 80% of the attractions, cities and parks in this guide listed, yours trip to California it will be more than complete.


Los Angeles, USA –  Hollywood Boulevard –

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