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Where to spend a weekend on Lake Garda

Hello everyone, here I am again to tell another journey.

This time our destination, since the theme is romance, is Sirmione, a beautiful town on Lake Garda.

We decided to celebrate the birthday of my wife Laura and S. Valentino the following day by visiting some of the most lovable places on the lake, so on Friday 12 February we leave Palermo at 11.30 with the excellent and punctual Wind Jet, in the middle of a storm , to arrive at Linate at 13.30.

We immediately realized that it would be a nice weekend, because as soon as we set foot on the ground, in spite of our fears, dictated by the weather forecasts of the previous days and by the countless television reports about the bad weather conditions throughout the north, we found a beautiful time: the blue and clear sky that, I imagine, rarely in this period can enjoy it in these parts.

Lake Garda where to eat well and spend little

From there, after having collected the rental car that we paid € 46 for 2 days with Hertz, we immediately continue eastwards, but first making a planned stop in the beautiful Franciacorta Outlet, where in a couple of hours we were able to take a good ride and some great deals.

We leave, and just before 18 pm we are already in the Aurora hotel in Sirmione and after checking in and cutlery and bags on the fly, we immediately go out to discover the magic of Sirmione: a strip of land that enters the lake until it is completely surrounded.

Immediately we come across the entrance to the historic center where to do the honors we find the suggestive Scaligero castle, wisely illuminated so as to make it even more beautiful.

Surrounded by the waters of the lake, with all the towers and walkways that characterize it, it is really a beautiful sight.

We continue along the characteristic streets, where both to the right and to the left you can see some narrow streets that end right in the lacunar waters, up to the end of the peninsula where the remains of the famous villa of the Valeri built between the first century. BC and the first century. dc and which was the home of the famous Catullus.

But the dark doesn't do us justice, so we promise we'll come back tomorrow.

Going back, we remember that we are hungry and we ask the staff of our hotel to recommend some good places.

The choice falls on “la source”, a pizza restaurant close enough to our hotel that, honestly, I don't feel like recommending to others. After dinner we hint at a stroll, but at that time the cold is felt all right, so we go back to the hotel.

As soon as we wake up from the open curtains we see that the waters of the lake reflect the sun that is rising… a wonderful panorama, great for starting the day! We go down to the breakfast room and… now it is even clearer why the reviews were so enthusiastic: we are practically on the lake.

The room is closed by the windows due to the current season, but the show is truly unique.

The breakfast is excellent and the service equally, all confirming our choice which is proving to be more and more appropriate.

Holidays in Manerba del Garda: what to see, what to do and beaches of the "happy village of Spain"

Leaving early, we resume the tour from where we left off the night before: from grottoes of Catullus.

Only this time, during the journey that will take us to the end of the mainland and then to the archaeological site, we have the opportunity to admire the beautiful Maria Callas park and the adjacent villa where the diva lived in the 50s.

As well as the views that are certainly more beautiful with the day.

The villa is also very interesting because it is the only example of a Roman villa in northern Spain, the entrance is affordable: € 4.

After the visit, we enjoy a little more the streets and shops of Sirmione where we give ourselves some adorable souvenirs, and we leave for what our program foresees as the next destination: Peschiera del Garda.

It is a love there are streets full of people and nice shops, a military museum, a beautiful church and the remains of an archaeological site related to Roman excavations of the III century. dc, make our visit to the charming town even more interesting.

We continue in a northerly direction and then Lazise, where we allow ourselves just a ride with the car, and then get to Bardolino.

Here we stop and take a nice tour to follow which, intrigued by the people who made their way towards a walkway along the lake, we decide to see where all those people were leading and where they were going.

After walking for more than half an hour always with the lake on our left, but still unaware of where that path could end, we thought it wise to ask: in practice that little road connects Bardolino in Garda, and, given the beautiful day, many people take the opportunity to take a nice and healthy walk or jog ...

Since Garda was still our next destination, we decide to walk another 10 minutes and then get there on foot. Garda is also something beautiful.

The lakeside promenade is well cared for and the clubs that overlook it are innumerable.

Among these, since the time is the right one, we are looking for one where to eat well.

I consult the net first, to find some advice, but I have little luck so we have to rely on intuition.

It is not easy, there are few places that attract my interest, also because lunch, if possible, should be special, since today my wife is celebrating her birthday.

After an extensive tour, we decide to return to one of the few places that we had somehow taken into consideration: "The Taverna Fregoso".

It will certainly have been good luck, more than my nose (which I confirm to be reliable), but the place is worthy of an Oscar.

As soon as you enter there is a whirlwind of good impressions: the place is particular and, looking at the dishes in front of those who were already at the table, I cannot help but notice the "generosity of the portions", as well as an excellent perfume.

If you go to Garda you cannot miss this place for lunch: Value for money of rare convenience.

After lunch, we have to go back to the car… what better way to facilitate digestion.

Next destination Salò.

It took a while, but it was worth it: Salò and a swarm of people, we also find a few people in masks and the streets, full of high-level shops, are all full of tourists.

In the Town Hall, which was the seat of the "Republic of Salò", At one point we saw a beautiful bride in a red dress who came in to join in marriage with the civil ceremony ..." note of color "of our trip.

Now, since it is almost evening, we decide to return.

In less than half an hour we are at the hotel, where we freshen up, change and go out for dinner.

We choose a place of which I had read something on the net; "La Foresta", about 1 km from our hotel, also in Sirmione.

It is Saturday night and the place is really full, the fear is that we have to wait a long time, but in the end it did not happen.

To be honest, contrary to what I had read, I strongly advise against this place: we paid € 70 for 2 main courses of meat, 1 mineral, a coke on tap, 1 side dish and 2 desserts.

What is even more serious is that my "mixed grill”, Was made up of 4 pieces of meat no larger than 3 cm per side !! No more than 50 grams of meat, to be generous, which I paid for the price of gold! Avoid it, you can find much better at lower prices.

See our lunch on the same day. We return for the night. The day was as intense as it was long.

After a delicious and always panoramic breakfast, we prepare the luggage, settle the bill (160 € for 2 nights for a nice room with lake view, excellent breakfast and excellent service, not bad in my opinion!).

We leave the hotel, take a last ride to Sirmione to buy some other souvenirs, enjoy an exhibition of vintage cars in the square in front of the entrance to the historic center, really beautiful, then we head towards Milan Linate, and then leave in the direction Palermo at 15.30 always with the recommended Wind Jet.

It was not a long vacation, as we deliberately wanted it that way, since for the first time they left the children at home, but we had a great time and we saw truly unique places. I hope you can take inspiration and advice from our diary.

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