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What to do in Rome

On the occasion of my birthday we decided to spend a weekend in the magnificent Eternal City.

Our intent was to make a cultural tour, touch the secular stones of the Coliseum, of Sant'Angelo castel, admire the art and magnificence of the Vatican Museumsand Sistine Chapel, get lost in the most evocative views of the city, etc.

So it was, beautiful, every day spent intensely, every corner of Rome surprised us and everything was very interesting and stimulating.

Now I will tell you about our experience so that it can be of help to those who intend visit Rome and to all those who need advice onaccommodation, the museums, the itineraries and all the little secrets that are good to know to spend days full of art, wonder and amazement.

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Sleeping in Rome

After making a long search the web, lasting days and days, here I am booking a delightful apartment on the site Vatican Holiday House.

The best choice I could ever make that helped make ours magnificent stay in Rome.

In this regard, I want to express all my gratitude to the owners, who turned out to be exquisite, kind and very helpful people from the beginning to the end of our stay in the city.

In the delightful apartment (located a few meters from the Vatican, the bus stop and the metro) we had a great time as we had every kind of comfort at our disposal.

Rome cheap hotels

Now I will give you the names of some cheap hotels in Rome:

  • Hotel Mari 2 - Via Calatafinimi, 40 Tel (+39) 06 4828313
  • Hotel Felice Rome - Via Tiburtina, 30 Tel (+39) 06 4453347
  • Hotel Sallustio - Via Servio Tullio, 7 Tel (+39) 06 42014499
  • Hotel World - Via Urbano Rattazzi, 65 Tel (+39) 06 4451520
  • Tuscolana Hotel - Via Tuscolana, 185 Tel (+39) 06 7022653

Visit Rome in 2 days

1st day - FRIDAY: arrival at 14:00, the time to arrive at the apartment and immediately we left immediately for the visit to the Vatican Museums.

On the internet I tried to find out how to avoid finding a queue, and as also recommended by the owner of the apartment, the secret lies in choosing the right time, that of lunch, that is, from 12:30 to 14:30.

So it was, we entered in no more than five minutes.

La visit to the Vatican Museums it was a unique experience, which I will never forget and as Francesco says “there is so much of that art put together that you can't fully enjoy the magnificence and beauty of every single work”.

Everything we have seen is indescribable sculptures, the archaeological remains, the paintings, the curtains, gallery and the fabulous Sistine Chapel.

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I think a whole day is not enough to fully enjoy i Vatican Museums.

Unfortunately, in two and a half hours we had to visit everything, so going almost in a hurry, we saw everything but we did not focus on the single works.

2nd day - SATURDAY: in the morning we were at Coliseum, a monument that in my opinion is a must for anyone who goes to Rome.

Released from Coliseum we so headed to Sant'Angelo castel, which I wanted to visit at all costs after reading Dan Brown's beautiful book "Angels and Demons".

If you want to visit the prisons, I anticipate that there is only one visit per day which is held, if I'm not mistaken, at 12:30.

We lost it, and we were so sorry.

Last visit to the tomb of Pope John Paul II and then straight on the dome of St. Peter.

Il panorama enjoyed from up there is the most surprising I have ever seen, it almost seems to fly.

In the evening we went out to the center of Romto which it is gorgeous in the evening.

3rd day - SUNDAY: we went to the Trevi Fountain e Spanish Steps, a little bit all of the historic center of Rome, we strolled through the streets of this splendid city that has only to surprise.

We left in the late afternoon.

Was a beautiful weekend, in the name of culture, art and relaxation.

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