Waterfalls of the Mulino di Saturnia

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Le Cascate del Mulino di Saturnia they are a real earthly paradise.

Di volcanic origin,thermal water it flows from a source located right on the natural limestone pools, inside which it is possible to enjoy a very relaxing and healthy bath, immersed in the quiet of nature.

The building you see in the photo, in ancient times was a mill, now in disuse and undergoing renovation.

Le Cascate del Mulino they are one of the most fascinating places in the whole of Maremma, offering the visitor a breathtaking scenery.

The falls are libere, so it is possible to swim at all hours of the day and night, and I assure you that the night bath it is something extremely wonderful, difficult to forget.

So much so that the waterfalls are often the scene of night parties, with torches and bonfires to warm the environment.

Not far from the river it is also possible to camp with tents.

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Also not far from the falls there is a car park open also at night and a bar with services.

How to reach the Cascate del Mulino di Saturnia

To reach the falls you have to take the road that goes from Saturnia to the countries of manciano e Montemerano.

Le waterfalls they are a few hundred meters away from the thermal establishment, easily recognizable even if not adequately marked.

At the end of the starboard, where the spa is located, continuing for a few meters along a dirt road you will arrive at the Falls.

La water temperature sulphurous thermal baths come from the nearby source of Saturnia, and since these are waters that come out of a volcanic crater, the temperature is always constant (37,5°).

Le waters they contain important and significant beneficial properties, which act on the circulatory, digestive, motor systems and on the skin.

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