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    Wakasa in Barcelona, ​​where to eat Japanese

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    Aina Prat Blasi

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    La Wakasa pocket it is not recommended for those who, caught by a sudden rush, decide that they absolutely want a Japanese dinner, but instead for those who love to plan their own gastronomic forays. Yes, because at Wakasa you can book only by mail and keeping your fingers crossed. We waited two weeks before anyone even decided to answer us and accept our disparate request.

    Although this makes you want to give up, don't do it, because it's aexperience to do! The restaurant is run by an experienced Japanese couple that with slowness and courtesy, guide the customers on the dishes to choose. The clientele consists almost exclusively of loyalists and for this reason, together with the fact that it is a very small place, it is very difficult to book a table.

    The lady, however, takes it easy, chat, takes orders, chat, pass orders, chat and so on.

    The quality, the environment (but kitch with thatcertononsoche), the characters, the concept of slow taken to its extreme, in short, it's all to try. The menu changes and it is better to ask the waitress / maitre / owner to recommend the dishes. I still have in mind i grilled nigiris and the pincho of scallops. Salty price, but so far I've never found a cheap Japanese.

    Laforja, 140
    neighborhood: Sarrià / Sant Gervasi
    How to reach us: The only public transport that can bring you close is a train of the FGC (ferrocarrils de catalunya), L6, stop Muntaner. But you have to walk, so the ideal is to go by taxi.

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