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    Visiting the Loacker factory, here is the World of Goodness

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    The Loacker factory exists and is located on the border with Italy, in Heinfels. Here's how to get there and above all how to buy loacker for a few euros. A greedy advice that is worth listening to. For some years now, cooking classes have also been held in the Loacker factory for younger guests.

    One of the best things to have a snack and breakfast is without a doubt the Loacker classics. Until recently it was still possible to visit the factory where these tasty wafers are produced. Today it is no longer possible, but it is still possible to visit the World of Goodness. So, let's start with the visit.

    Where the Loacker Factory is located

    The wonderful Loacker factory is located in Heinfels, on the Austrian border with Italy is the Loacker factory and if you are in those parts it is better to take a leap as it is only 100 km from Bolzano.

    In this factory it is possible to take a real tour that starts from the production to get to the coffee and the shop where you can buy all the good things. In addition to Heinfels there is one also based in Bolzano even if it is not possible to visit here.

    Visit to the factory, how is it done?

    In Heinfels it was possible to visit the Loacker factory, it was possible to see the raw material with which these exquisite sweets are made and retrace the history of this company. Today, as I said, it is no longer possible to go to the factory, but it is possible to visit the Mondo Bontà which is a small museum that tells the story of the Loacker company in free admission.

    La interactive pastry interactive, on the other hand, is a laboratory for guests of all ages. It must be reserved.
    admission prices are € 7 for adults and € 5 for children. The visit lasts one hour. The times for the World of Goodness, from Monday to Sunday from 9 to 17, while for Moccaria and BrandStore, from Monday to Sunday from 9 to 18 you can access.

    Here you can find everything that is most delicious, come on cappuccino wafer, chocolate, hazelnut, up to spreadable cream. Here there are no discounted products, but rest assured that there are all the products that Loacker markets, so you can do large stocks.

    Loacker Moccaria

    Loacker Moccaria it's kind of coffee shop where you can enjoy all loacker products comfortably seated, here in addition to coffee also products to be enjoyed on site or to take home or as a gift for friends. Loacker Moccaria is located in different parts of Italy, from Verona to Bolzano to Merano.

    Getting to the Loacker factory by bicycle

    Arrive with one bicycle path to the Loacker factory is doable and is also a recommended route for families. There cycle path from San Candido to Lienz it is also called the Drava cycle path and is about 45 km long. One of the stops on this cycle path is the Loacker Factory, where both adults and children can stop to taste some local specialties. Once in Lienz it is possible to return by bringing the bicycles on the train.

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