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Merano where it is located

Merano is the capital of the district community of Burgraviato, is located in Trentino Alto Adige and it is part of autonomous province of Bolzano.

This Italian town of about 40.000 inhabitants is well known for its spa and for Christmas markets which are among the most beautiful ofSpain.

La city ​​of Merano is located in the center of a basin where they meet the Vinschgau, Val Passiria and Val d'Adige and, thanks to this, it offers unique scenarios both in summer in that winter.

Merano it is also known as the city of care (of the respiratory tract) thanks to spa and is composed of 6 neighborhoods or the very famous and beautiful Old Town, the district Maia Alta, Maia Bassa, Quarezze, Labers e Sinigo.

This enchanting small town has as its symbol an Art Nouveau building il Kurhaus (Merano hosts many places of interest such as castles and museums) located in the heart of the historic center and also became important for the famous treatment of goat's milk and grapes.

Visiting Bolzano tips

Merano and surroundings

La spa town of Merano It is characterized by a climate particularly mild and thanks to this they can also be admired in the surroundings unique and incredible landscapes.

in surroundings of Merano you will find so many things to see and do starting from ski areas in the winter up to cover a wide range of sentieri hiking in the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park.

Here is according to traveler reviews what to see around Merano:

Marlengo Bolzano

Marling is a very small town which is located about 3 km from Merano and offers in addition to many hiking possibilities also places of interest e breathtaking landscapes.

Recall that this mountain village, Thanks to mild climate, it is visited a lot during the flowering of the apple trees.

Bolzano scene

The village of Scene is located on a panoramic hill sopra Merano from which it is about 4 km.

Merano night clubs and discos

Being particularly sunny, this small village offers a lot outdoor activities and, in recent years, it has become goal desired by tourists from all over Europe.

Lana Bolzano

La town of Lana is located on the southern slope of Merano, can be reached (from Merano) in a very short time both in auto in that train and is the largest fruit country in South Tyrol.

Here you can admire and enjoy the spectacle of fruit growing and you can admire the legendary ones ruins of the castles Leone, Braunsberg and Brandis in addition to many chapels, churches e monasteries.

Bolzano Parks

Parcines is a town nestled at the foot of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park and is about 14 km from Merano.

This village is very beautiful to visit and is known for hosting the machine museum to write and for its beautiful waterfall.

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Merano pictures and photos

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