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    Visit the Sigurtà Garden Park

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    The visit to the Sigurtà Garden Park in the Province of Verona, the indications, timetables and prices to visit one of the most romantic gardens in Italy, read the post.

    Every year in the Veronese countryside, starting from the first signs of spring to the last rays of the autumn sun, the Sigurtà Garden, a concentrate of nature and beauty draws morainic hills. Visiting this place is an experience not only for botany enthusiasts, but for anyone who wants to enjoy a few hours of immersion in nature, to feast their eyes and spirit.


    The history of this park begins in the 400th century, when it was simply a small garden dedicated to the idleness of the nobles, located within an agricultural property. Over the centuries and with the succession of owners, this space is getting bigger and bigger, hand in hand with the more and more care that is dedicated to him. The current structure of the garden took shape in the first half of the 800th century, which was followed by a period of decline and ruin, which lasted until 1941 when the Sigurtà family became the owners. From that moment a process of retraining which is accompanied by an enlargement that makes it almost triple the extension.

    What to see in the park

    The garden is characterized by some particular points of interest that are worth reaching during your visit:

    The entrance area and the avenue of flower beds they always give a not indifferent colorful glance, depending on the period you will find the seasonal flowers alternating thanks to the team of tireless gardeners who take care of the park. Right here in spring there is the boom of Tulipanomania with an extraordinary flowering of many varieties of tulips.

    The best known place, even by those who have not yet visited the park, is certainly the Avenue of Roses: one kilometer of these flowers that frame the Scaligero Castle in the background (which, however, is located outside the park, in Valeggio), the best time to enjoy this show is certainly starting from the month of May.

    Il Large Turf instead it is the place of relaxation par excellence: there are many families picnicking, kids relaxing and children rolling around. A vast expanse of lawn surrounded by majestic plants and dotted with ponds.

    I Aquatic Gardens create plays of reflections, which give their best in the summer months when there is the flowering of water lilies to decorate them, they are located right next to the Maze, one of the newest additions to the park.
    The buildings located in the garden are theEremo and Castelletto, both charming and framed by vegetation to underline their elegance.

    Then there are two less visible and famous places that are worth a visit: the educational farm, where the typical animals are found and which occupies the spaces of the ancient farmhouse, and the garden of medicinal plants, a small quiet area, a little secluded, wanted by the Sigurtà family.

    The beauty of the park is that, in addition to all these places, there are many avenues, views and corners in which to enjoy views and walks, which change color and shape with the changing seasons. To get an idea of ​​how this large garden is made up, you can consult the map provided by the website.

    Practical information for the visit

    The Park can be visited, indicatively, between March and the first days of November, however, the official calendar is published on the website every year. Every day it opens at 9 am and closes at 18 pm in the spring and autumn months or at 19 pm in the summer.

    The cost of access is € 12 for the full ticket, € 6,50 for children between 5 and 14 years, € 9,50 for over 65s and free up to 4 years. You can also buy the ticket online, this option allows you to avoid the long queue that is always created at the cash desks. There is also the possibility of annual or dedicated season tickets Tulipanomania.
    It is not possible to access the park with dogs (with the exception of guide dogs for the blind), but there is an agreement with two boarding houses within a short distance.

    It's possible visit the park by bike, bring your own or rent it on the spot, be sure to be ready to do some climbing because the garden is not flat at all! You can also choose to use the panoramic train or to rent the electric golf cart at the entrance.

    Not far from the entrance is a large one parcheggio (unattended) where you can leave your car for free.
    The Sigurtà Park is located in Valeggio sul Mincio, in the province of Verona, right on the border between Lombardy and Veneto: the perfect position to be reached and from here to reach many other places of equal beauty in these two regions. The village that hosts it is famous for its hamlet Borghetto sul Mincio, located just above the river, a must visit when you are in this area.

    The garden is often the scene of private events, sometimes for everyone and often dedicated to the little ones, on the site there is a section dedicated to all the initiatives: some examples? This year it ranges from yoga, to cosplay, passing through the MilleMiglia, clowns, cycle routes and sheep shearing.

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