Visit Cologne, 5 things to see in Germany

What to see in Cologne in one day, five things not to miss in Germany in this city that has a unique panorama, certainly known for its Cathedral, but also for other wonders, read here.

One of the most visited cities in the Germany it is undoubtedly Cologne, here are some things I recommend to see during a “touch and go” visit, but also during a longer trip within Germany.


The first thing that is absolutely not to be missed during one visit to Cologne is obviously the Duomo. Overlooks the adjacent square at the central station and is one of the most visited places in all of Germany. Having survived the Second World War, it is one of the tallest buildings in the world and still retains an irresistible charm. I'm not a big fan of architecture, but every time I pass through Cologne I am always delighted by its beauty.

THEadmission is free so why not take the opportunity to take a short tour inside. You can also go down to the crypt for free. The cathedral is an excellent reference point for tourists to orient themselves! Its very high towers are in fact visible from many points of the city.

Hohenzollern Brücke

In the vicinity of the Duomo, I love to cross the railway and pedestrian bridge which crosses the river Rhine. From here you can take some panoramic photos of the city and if you are in love, you can leave your love lock and throw the key in the river. Before crossing the bridge, you can also take a walk along the riverside, a meeting and entertainment point for the citizens of Cologne.


Crossing the bridge you quickly reach the other side of the river and reach the Rheinpark, city ​​park most popular. Green meadows, well-kept flower beds, in spring it is a triumph of colors. Do not miss the lake with the ducks, and for the little ones (but not only) there is one mini railway which runs through the entire park. From here you can also enjoy a wonderful view of the cathedral and the opposite side of the city. There is also one in the Rheinpark funivia crossing the Rhine, Germany's first cable car to cross a river.

Historic Centre

Returning to the historic center, you can easily walk around in an afternoon, using public transport. Also in this case it is worth buying a daily ticket, because it saves a lot. Or ride a bicycle, why not. I am always a fan of the bike. I've been around often Cologne by bike and I liked it because I discovered many nice places that are not classic tourist destinations.

Wandering around the Duomo for example, I came across the Heinzelmännchenbrunnen, a fountain depicting gods hardworking goblins who took the trouble to do all the work at night that the lazy Cologne artisans could not finish during the day. But one day they were discovered by the wife of a tailor who stayed up all night to find out why the unfinished jobs were finished every morning. From that day on, the elves stopped working and the inhabitants of the city had to work harder.

Furthermore, the most interesting areas of the center are the market Square, where the city hall is also located, and all the surrounding streets, full of shops. Also around the Heumarkt and Neumarkt squares there is always a lot of movement. The center of Cologne, however, differs a little from the classic German cities because everything is quite modern, as the city was destroyed by war.


For lovers of the Shopping, a tour in the Schildergasse, the shopping street par excellence. Here you will find the large international chains, but also typical shops with windows full of sweets and bread, which it is impossible to resist.

A particular shop is called Globetrotter, a German chain that sells sports and camping goods. Inside the shop there is a real swimming pool, where it is sometimes possible to try the products sold.

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