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    Vinamore in Pietrasanta, a winery in Lucca

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    Pau Monfort

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    Behind the main square of Pietrasanta, Lucca, is hidden in a courtyard there Vinamore winery. The place is small but full of chairs, paintings, posters, sofas. It feels like walking into a slightly eccentric friend's house.

    For the aperitif, in addition to a good choice of wines, a small basket is offered with bad bread (typical Versilia), cold cuts and cheeses a 2.50€. At guests' disposal, a piano for musicians and many board games. In summer, the outdoor tables are also ideal for a quiet evening drink, away from the chaos of the center. The garden is also suitable for concerts: while sipping my chinotto, I was able to attend a pleasant show by a jazz trio. A place to recommend, especially a wine-loving couples.

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