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    Villa Montalvo in Florence

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    Villa Montalvo is one of the numerous possessions of the doctors scattered throughout the Florentine territory and is located in Campi Bisenzio a few kilometers from Florence airport. It is surrounded by an immense garden, bordering a park and a patch of wood, the ancient Ragnaia of Ferdinando Montalvo, one of the historic owners with a passion for hunting.

    This space is suitable for summer picnics, especially for families: a delimited area of ​​the park is reserved for games for children. The Villa is now the seat of the Municipal Library, which boasts a vast collection of children's texts to which a beautiful space with “soft” reading stations is dedicated, suitable for children who cannot yet walk. It is worth taking a stroll during the opening hours (Monday to Friday until 19.30pm and Saturday until 12.30pm) and stop by adult reading room which retains a beautiful wooden ceiling and large windows on the entrance to the building.

    Until mid-July, the Fields Beer Fest will animate the nightlife of the garden: every evening a band or a DJ will perform live and obviously the beer will be the host. The calendar is really rich: famous cover bands in the area (like Vasco's), revival evenings with 80s music, Latin American parties with dance schools.

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