Verona in Love, Valentine's Day in the city of Lovers

All the events of Verona in love, the most romantic city in Italy thus celebrates the feast of love. Read the events.

Verona in Love is the event that the city dedicates every year, on Valentine's Day weekend, to all lovers, retracing the places of Romeo and Juliet, the famous protagonists of Shakespeare's play.
The program, from Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 February, it is very dense and varied. I try to summarize it as much as possible, underlining the most interesting initiatives. For more details, I refer you to the website


Illuminations of love and shop windows in Love During Verona in Love, the walk in the historic center will be accompanied by special lights with large red hearts and themed shop windows.

Verona Walking tour in Love (Thursday and Friday departure at 16 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 16 pm). Cost € 20 per couple, including Lamberti tower ticket. Departure from the column of the Lion of San Marco in Piazza Erbe. Guided tour dedicated to couples to rediscover ancient legends, love stories and tragic passions linked to the city of Verona. Info and reservations 045 8278959.

Torre dei Lamberti in LoveDuring the days of Verona in Love it will be possible to visit the highest tower in the city as a couple at the special price of € 7, with the tribute of the heart-shaped magnet of Juliet and Romeo.

Juliet for a day
Every year Juliet's secretaries reply to thousands of letters from all over the world. During Verona in Love, you too will have the chance to turn into Juliet for a day and reply to messages. Location in the Cortile Mercato Vecchio from 10 to 19.

Leavon - Leave your message to Verona in Love
Thanks to the free LeaveOn app, it will be possible to leave virtual messages, called Ballooons, in the romantic places of Verona. Anyone with the app will be able to see the Balloons within a radius of 50 meters and it will be possible to set whether to make them publicly visible or only to whoever you want. Public messages will be broadcast on screen and will participate in the competition for the most beautiful.

Chocolate, what a passion and Dolcemente in Love
In Piazza Brà, from 10 to 21, Italian master chocolatiers and pastry chefs will showcase the best of their sweet creations. It will be difficult not to fall in love with so much sweetness.

Get 1 € in the places of Juliet
Juliet's house and tomb, symbolic places of Shakespearean drama, can be visited with a special ticket at a cost of only € 1.

LibrarVerona in Love
At the Noble Floor of the Palazzo della Ragione, with free admission subject to availability, it will be possible to meet the "authors who speak to the heart", with a series of events dedicated to books, twice a day.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a river of kisses
Exchange a kiss of love along the Adige river, looking at the city from a particular and unusual perspective, starting from Castelvecchio and up to the Dogana. It will be possible to do it in pairs for only € 15. Info and reservations, tel. 347 8892498.

Saturday - Love Hunting
Departure at 9 am from Cortile Mercato Vecchio for an engaging treasure hunt linked to the territory and the city. Participation in couples, engaged couples, friends and family members. An opportunity, playing, to visit the most beautiful places in the city.

Saturday and Sunday - "Fire of Passion" and "Juliet and Romeo, a tale of fire"
Theater, storytelling and entertainment, with costumed characters and actors who revisit the tragedy of the two Veronese lovers in a revisited guise, in the places of the original setting (Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Signori, Cortile Mercato Vecchio), including masked balls and shows of fire. Various times.

Sunday - Juliet and Romeo half marathon
A marathon to be divided into two, 21 km and a little more each in which to multiply the efforts and join together to take away a bit of effort from each other. It is the formula of love, the one to lose our breath, which is proposed every year in Verona.

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