Trattoria Arlati: a historic trattoria in the Bicocca area

What are we eating

At the Trattoria Arlati the cuisine is traditional Milanese but always treated with a continuous search for the genuine ingredient and the recipe to be rediscovered. Found ribs, pâté, risotto, overcooked, ossibuchi, soup, cutlets, luganega and veal tuna. My favorite dish is the main dish: sauteed risotto with stew. The desserts that include ice cream and other artisanal sweets are also excellent. As far as wine is concerned, you are spoiled for choice. There cellar of the Trattoria Arlati hosts approx 10.000 bottles of the finest wines wisely collected over the years, to which they are added 400 labels from all over the national territory and carefully selected by Leopoldo.

How much do you spend?

At the Trattoria Arlati you spend the right amount, considering the environment and the quality of the food. The starters range from 12 to 16 euros, the first 10-12, the second 15-18 and the main courses around 23-25 ​​euros. For a dinner, with a good wine included, you spend an average of 50 euros each (and they are all worth it!).


Trattoria Arlati

Via Alberto Note 47

Tel.02 6433327

Closed on Sunday

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