Trans-Siberian, by train traveling east

La Trans-Siberian it's a magical journey, adventurous and unique to do in good company. The Trans-Siberian is not a train, but a railway line from Moscow arrives at Vladivostok, called Transmanchurian or that from Moscow comes to Beijing, called for the transmongolian precision.

The Trans-Siberian it has no timetables, but it is a line so you can travel all its 9288 km calmly, going down to the most important cities to take an exploratory tour or visit the monuments. The train can leave but you will not lose anything because you will take the next train.

This railway line almost touches 100 city through the long route which is the most linga in the world and crosses well two continents, Europe and Asia.

If you do not have good hooks or you don't speak Russian well, it will be difficult to choose and decide the travel route, but you can rely on a good tourist agency, even in this case the internet can help.

Many are the sites and travel agencies on the internet who take care of this long journey making you always feel at ease and not neglecting any detail. It is obvious that all this will cost more than what it would cost to do it on its own through online sites.

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