Three traditional restaurants in Barcelona

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La Catalan cuisine is a type of cuisine that everyone likes: tapas, dishes with Mediterranean fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, the sea, the mountains ... For this reason there is no good excuse not to go to eat at least once a typical Catalan restaurant. Here are some of them.

1. Can Culleretes: it is the oldest restaurant in Barcelona and the second in Spain. It was founded in 1786 and has always been located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. In this restaurant you will find 40 authentic Catalan dishes such as escudilla, butifarra with judias, spinach and cod cannelloni, mushroom pie and many fish and seafood dishes. It is located at Calle Quintana 5.

2. The snails: this restaurant is also located in Gothic Quarter and has a very ancient history, which dates back to 1835. It was inaugurated by the Bofarull family and for a long time it was an important meeting point for the artists of the city and also for politicians and other celebrities. It enjoys an excellent reputation, with traditional Catalan dishes such as bullabesa soup, fish, snails, anchovies de l'Escala and other dishes of seafood, fish and meat. For dessert, don't miss the creme brulee! Address: calle Escudelelrs 14.

3. Petit Comité: This restaurant does not have a very long history, but it is of excellent quality and prices a little higher than the others. It is located in the center of Barcelona, ​​on Passeig de la Concepció 13. It offers typical dishes such as cod, fish balls (the typical "sea and mountain" of Catalan cuisine) or tortilla with meat and potatoes. The service is excellent, and chocolate "meatballs" are highly recommended for dessert.

The best way to find a place, reach these restaurants and enjoy them to the fullest together with the neighborhoods in which they are located, the Gothic Quarter and the Ramblas, is to rent a apartment in Barcelona. Enjoy your meal!

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