The Oasis of Beer in Rome, stylish aperitif in Testaccio

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I discovered theOasis of Beer in Testaccio only a few months ago but I had never had an aperitif here, only bought some products, now I can tell the place is not bad at all. The Beer Oasis is located in Testaccio Square, 41 and apparently it seems really small, but only once you enter it you will understand that it is a real labyrinth made up of many rooms in which there are many delicious and refined products and in which different people work.

The venue has two functions. By day it is a shop like any other but with excellent products that you will struggle to find around, from chocolate to pasta, from wines to jams of all kinds of brands. If you want to cook something good in here it is a little paradise, recommend it to those food blogger who maybe live in Rome and they don't know where to find certain products.

In the evening, however, the Beer Oasis turns into a local where to have an aperitif and dinner, open until late in the evening, closes at one, the place becomes a real brewery, but not only. Here the aperitif area it extends over several rooms with a large room where you can find every good thing from meats to cheeses, from pasta to cherry tomatoes in oil, olives, Roman bread, pasta with pesto and many other delicacies. In addition there is also a small area outside which is located right on Piazza Testaccio.

Why is it called the Beer Oasis? Because here they are beyond 200 types of beers, if you love beer this place is definitely for you. In addition to about ten draft beers there are many bottled wines that come from Belgium, Germany, Holland, Ireland and so on. A selection of beers that could make even the greatest beer lover indecisive: D

The prices of beers vary, those on tap come on 5 € the average, those in bottles have a price that varies. However, you can also order wine and other drinks: D


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