The long night of museums in Berlin

Berlin every year the Lange nacht der museen, the long night of museums. For the occasion, the museums remain open until 2 am and 150.000 visitors can see unique works in all Berlin museums.

The event much loved by Berliners comes proposed twice a year, both a The end of August both end of January, during the last Saturday of the two months generally, when visitors do not miss the opportunity to visit the city. I did the long night of the museums at the end of January, precisely on January 31st, the cold was a lot but the organization was excellent. In fact, think that for the occasion i around 95 museums are open. However, the cold did not stop my desire to visit art galleries and museums and the German organization was very efficient, both in terms of transport and for the long waits outside the facilities. We were brought some punch to warm us up during the night while we were lined up by volunteers.

On this day you can buy a cumulative ticket of 18 € while children pay 12 € and visit all the museums thanks to the efficient transport system of the city of Berlin. For the occasion of Free Shuttle they transport visitors from one museum to another.

La subway Berlin is one of the most famous in Europe thanks to its very flexible hours. The metro in fact remains open every night until 2, while on weekends it never closes , thus leaving visitors ample freedom of choice, without forcing them to take the night bus for fear of missing the last ride.

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