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    The fashion district: San Antoni in Barcelona, ​​where to eat

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    There are neighborhoods which for unknown reasons immediately transform into the place where you absolutely must be seen. San Antoni it has no important monuments to be counted among its streets, but beautiful buildings and the feeling of being halfway between the purest eixample (and boring why not) and the variegated poble sec.

    Perhaps this very mix has made that three, among the most Barcelona fashionistas, were located in this area. To be honest, you could actually have breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner without moving (or almost) from a single street .. Calle Parlament.

    Let's start with a awakening of the slow ones. Maybe after an evening spent drinking from bar to bar. In short, it ends up being easy and easy to have breakfast at lunchtime.

    Without a shadow of a doubt, I would wear the ordinance ray-bans and go begging for a table at The Federal c / Parlament, 39 (green M / L3, Poble Sec stop). This fashionissimo bar, where it can also happen that you share the table with complete strangers, is managed by cute Australians, whose lucullian breakfasts are the desire of half the city. As I said it is difficult to find a table, but the coffee is good (and in this city it is very difficult to find one that is on average acceptable) and if it is sunny, the wait does not become too dramatic.

    Around three in the afternoon, full as turkeys, but eager to continue the day, I would call the supersists and take them for a vermouth a few meters away, in the delightful patio of the Calders Bar (C / del Parlament, 25; M / L3 green, Poble sec stop). There sympathy of the staff, olives and various types of vermouth, will make the afternoon go by at the speed of light.

    At this point there is also a walk to digest ... or not?

    A hundred meters from Bar Calders, there is a bar-restaurant-café which has just opened and is already very popular: Tarannà (c / Viladomat, 23; M / L3 green, Poble sec stop). Nice furniture, nice owner (and who even shares secrets about French furniture markets), e appetizers for all tastes.

    If there is still room in your stomach .. a last suggestion of dinner .. even if it is not in calle Parlament: il Lolita Tapas bar (C / Tamarit 104 M / L3 green, Poble sec stop).

    Signature tapas, expensive but very good in an environment that recalls that of original tapas bars.

    Now you can go home exhausted and with at least 5 kg more. Ah! Of course, you can also decide to try one at a time!

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