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    The Christmas Markets of Rome, what to do

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    During the Christmas season Rome it is filled with markets that are set up almost in every district of the city, but the main and most important are two that take place in the historic center.

    The place par excellence of Christmas markets is undoubtedly Navona Square. A stop now fixed for the Romans but also for tourists looking for entertainment. From the end of November until the Epiphany the square is invaded by stalls full of artistic objects, crafts and Christmas decorations, but there is no shortage of toys and rides for the little ones, sellers of roasted chestnuts, chocolates and sweets. Try the classic caramelized apple and the donuts stuffed with Nutella.

    Another appointment with the Christmas markets is at Piazza Re di Roma. Here, from early December until Christmas Eve, there are numerous stalls with traditional Roman sweets and many gift ideas for young and old. The originality of this market is the French atmosphere given by the particular shape of the wooden houses of the stalls.

    Always in the same square with only 6 euros you can also access theIce Park, an ice skating rink.

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