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    The body and bio-gymnastics, we talk about it in Riccione

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    Being healthy means becoming aware of your body. This is one of the foundations of bio-gymnastics that allows the postural and piscophysical balance of the individual to be re-established. To deepen these aspects Monday 11 February 2013, will be held in Riccione the conference “From the fear of illness, to the healing of suffering“.

    The event takes place inside the tourism building at 21 pm with free entry. Organized by Bioginnastica Associazione, in collaboration with the Biostudio of Riccione, the public meeting will serve to illustrate the data of the scientific experimentation conducted by Dr. Alessandra Bravi, in the two-year period 2010-2011 on patients suffering from chronic pain and fibromyalgia. With the aim of disseminating the results and evaluations, in order to present the methods of intervention to doctors and to make patients responsible for the care and maintenance of their state of health.

    Anyone interested in attending the conference can look for a Riccione hotel and request availability for the aforementioned period. Stefania Tronconi will speak at the event, president of Bioginnastica Association and founder of this methodology, Dr. Lorenzo Baldini sports doctor and Dr. Alessandra Bravi, psychologist and psychotherapist.

    Also in February Riccione offers entertainment, shopping and numerous offers in the wellness centers of the city hotels. A different way to discover the charm of Green Pearl and the sea in winter, full of suggestions. Riccione with its restaurants, the premises forappetizer and the most beautiful discos in Italy remains, even in the coldest months, one of the most popular places on the Romagna Riviera.

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