The 10 most beautiful treks in Tenerife

If you have already read my articles on Tenerife North, Tenerife South and on Teide, you will have already understood that Tenerife is a very organized island for trekking, the paths are many, well marked, and the island is very structured in this sense. The number of trails that can be done on the island is impressive and the landscapes that you cross are extremely varied; it goes from the forest of laurisilva dei Anaga Mountains, to the arid and desert landscapes of the Teide National Park, passing through the canyon of the Barranco dell'Infierno or di Masca. Trekking in Tenerife are of all difficulties, and you can choose to walk an hour like 20. To choose them, in addition to reading guides and blogs, I used two apps (both for a fee, but which cover the whole world): AllTrails e Wikiloc. I also use them in Spain and have always been very happy with them. But let's see the 10 treks I have selected for you! I start with the treks that can be done in the north of the island and gradually we go down towards the south. 

The 10 most beautiful treks to do in Tenerife

1) Path of the Senses (Anaga Mountains)

The first trek that I recommend you do in Tenerife is inside the Anaga rural park, on the homonymous mountains. This park covers the northwestern end of the island and is a nature reserve full of mountain peaks and forests. The highest point of the park in fact attracts and retains the clouds coming from the north and this humidity facilitates the growth of the heath and dense laurel woods (the famous and prehistoric Laurisilva, which I also told you about in the article on La Gomera) . The park is crossed by sinuous panoramic roads on which several miradors open. The Path of the Senses it starts from the Centro de Visitantes and arrives at the Mirador Llanos de los Loros. It is an easy and short path (30 ') that crosses the “enchanted forest” of laurisilva. Still from the Visitor Center, however, other longer and more difficult paths also start and pass, such as the one that reaches the beautiful one Pico del Inglés viewpoint. Ask the Visitor Center for the map of the Park's trails and advice on what to do based on your abilities. 

Difficulty level: easy to moderate - Duration: from 30 'to 5h or more 

2) Benijo - El Draguillo - Roque Bermejo (Monti Anaga)

Descending from the highest part of the Anaga Mountains towards the sea, you will pass through the picturesque village of Taganana before reaching Benijo. This stretch of coast for me is one of the most fascinating in all of Tenerife and it really feels like Hawaii! From Benijo you can do one of the most beautiful treks in Tenerife, the 14km circular trail that passes through El Draguillo, Roque Bermejo e Chamorga (sentiero PR-TF 6) . This trail requires some training, but it will give you wonderful views across the northeastern coast of Tenerife. If you don't want to do it all, you can also just walk from Benijo to El Draguillo and back (PR-TF 6.3). The path runs along the sea, is within everyone's reach and is truly super panoramic. 

Difficulty level: moderate (4 out of 5) - Duration: 7/8 h 

3) Roque de Taborno (Monti Anaga)

Always remaining in the Anaga Mountains, another beautiful trek that can be done in Tenerife is the circular path to the Roque de Taborno. The trail starts from the village of Camp and "circumnavigates" the large rock that can be seen looking towards the sea, the Roque de Taborno. The path starts from behind the church and extends for about 4/5 km. It is a very scenic and beautiful trail; technically not difficult (the difference in altitude is small), but you cannot do it if you suffer from vertigo and if it rains. The path is all exposed and is always quite narrow with the escarpment on one side. I advise you to proceed clockwise as you go around the rock. The most trained and willing, can extend this trek by descending (and then going up again!) To Playa de Tamadite (this is the trek). 

Difficulty level: medium (2 su 5) - Duration: 3pm 

4) Igueste - Watchtower of the Inglese (Monti Anaga)

The last trek on the Anaga Mountains that I propose is this one that goes from the town of Igueste de San Andrés until lookout of Watchtower or Traffic light of Igueste. The path is all in all short but it is pretty heavy because you will do 400 meters in altitude in 1 hour. The marked path is the one that goes to the Igueste traffic light, but I recommend that you turn left instead (you will see another path, even if there are no signs) and reach the Mirador de Atalaya which is higher up and you will have a better view. The view from up there is simply breathtaking !! Expect about 2h30 'between the round trip. If you are in good physical shape you can also decide to continue walking up to Antequera beach (in this case there are 12,4 km and 1100 meters of difference in altitude between the round trip). If you don't want to return on foot, there is also a water-taxi service that goes from Playa de Antequera to Las Teresitas / San Andres (from there you will have to return somehow to Igueste). 

Difficulty level: medium (3 su 5) - Duration: 2h30'  

5) Roques de Garcia and Montaña Guajara (Teide National Park)

We are now moving to the center-south of Tenerife for some of the most beautiful treks that can be done within the Teide National Park. The most famous trek is that of Roques de Garcia, which starts in front of the Parador National (the only hotel located inside the Park). In this area, right on the slopes of Mount Teide, suggestive pinnacles of solidified lava have formed and the circular path winds right around them. The path is 3,5 km long and it takes about 1,5-2h to follow it (the view of Teide from here is super!). If you are looking for a more challenging trek you can also opt for the path that reaches Montaña Guajara, the highest peak of the Caldera de Las Cañadas (2726 mt). This path is also circular and starts from the Parador, but it is almost 10 km long and there are about 650 meters in altitude. 

Difficulty level: easy (2 out of 5) - Duration: 1h30'  

6) Summit of Teide 

If you are in good physical shape and are fit, the best trek to do in Tenerife is certainly the one that leads to the summit of Teide (the Peak of Teide), at 3718 mt. The climb begins in Montaña Blanca, at 2.320 meters, exactly at this point. If you do not find a place for your car here (there are few places), you will necessarily have to park either at the cable car park or in the few parking lots of the nearby miradors and then reach the starting point on foot. The climb is tough (there are 1500 meters in altitude to the summit!) And on average it takes about 5h (only climb). Also calculate that at these altitudes oxygen is rarefied and it is even more difficult than normal. The path passes through the Altavista Refuge (3.260 meters) so you can think (and many do) to start the climb before sunset, stop and sleep at the refuge, and then go up to the summit of Teide at dawn (in this case there is no you will not even need to ask for permission (see article What to see on Mount Teide). The Refuge must be booked in advance and you must also check that it is open (at the moment it is closed for compliance with anti-Covid regulations). Once up, you can decide whether to go down on foot or by cable car (21 euros). 

Difficulty level: difficult (5 out of 5) - Duration: 5-6h   

7) Samara - Mirador de las Narices del Teide (Parco Nazionale del Teide)

Another very nice trek that can be done within the Teide National Park is the one that goes from Samara Fino to the Mirador de las Narices del Teide (but you can stop even earlier). This path is circular, quite easy, it is about 5 km long and it will take you 2h30-3h. In this area of ​​the park there are the most recent flows (from 1798 and 1909) and you can see the black lava in a magnificent contrast with the bright green of the pine forest. To better enjoy the view, I recommend you do it in the afternoon, just before sunset (from here you can also see the Teide peak). 

Difficulty level: easy (2 out of 5) - Duration: 2h30-3h  

8) Barranco del Infierno (Adeje)

Il Hell ravine is a canyon located in the south of Tenerife, just inside Costa Adeje, and can be reached in 20 'from Playa Las Americas or Los Cristianos. The path is located within a restricted access Nature Reserve, only 300 people can enter a day, staggered. To be able to do this trek you must therefore book it through this site by choosing the day you are interested in and the time slot. The cost of the ticket is 8,5 euros (non-residents). The helmet is included with the entrance fee; if you want you can also rent snowshoes (but in my opinion they are not needed). The path is very nice and suitable for everyone (including children), it is 6 km long (round trip) and it takes about 3h. In fact, you proceed inside the canyon until you reach a small waterfall, from there then you go back along the same path. In high season it must be booked well in advance. 

Difficulty level: easy (2 out of 5) - Duration: 3h

9) Barranco di Masca (Teno Rural Park)

One of the most famous and most beautiful treks in Tenerife is the one that runs on the Barranco di Masca, inside the Teno Rural Park. The path starts from the beautiful Masca village and reaches the sea, between the high cliffs of Los Gigantes. After being closed for 3 years, the trail was reopened in April 2021 and its access is restricted. To be able to travel it you must necessarily book through this site. At the moment it is still free, but there are rumors from many parts that it will become paid as the Barranco del Infierno. The trek is super panoramic and develops along the gorge, before reaching the sea. To go down it takes just under 3h, but to go up a little more (requires a minimum of training). Before it closed there was a taxi-boat service which could be taken on arrival at the sea and which then led back to Los Gigantes. It hasn't been restored yet, but it should be soon. Otherwise, you will have to calculate at least 6 hours between the round trip. 

Difficulty level: medium / difficult (3 out of 5) - Duration: 6h

10) Bacaran- Punta Teno Lighthouse (Teno Rural Park)

I close this review on the 10 most beautiful treks I have done in Tenerife with another path that is inside the Teno Rural Park (the whole park is full of trails actually!). The pathway starts from the locality of Bacaran (which you can reach by bus from Buenavista de Norte), passes through Teno Alto and then finish at Punta Teno lighthouse (from which you always return by bus to Buenavista). It is a really beautiful and super scenic trail and it is not particularly difficult, just a little long. At the beginning it goes up a little, but then it becomes all downhill. However, it is not suitable for those suffering from vertigo because you often walk along the ridge and the path is narrow and exposed. Passing through Teno Alto you can also make a stop in the only restaurant in the town and taste the local wine and cheeses. The trek is 12 km long and it will take you about 3h-3h30 'stopping also to take pictures and eat a sandwich. The wonder of this path is that it then ends at the Lighthouse and you can take a beautiful bath that will put you back into the world. I did it with Anaga Experience, with a very good guide who explained everything to us, both about the Park and the plants, and I really appreciated it, so I recommend it. 

Difficulty level: medium (3 su 5) - Duration: 3-4h 

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