Tenuta Tannoja, eat in a Masseria in Puglia

The review of Tenuta Tannoja, in Castel del Monte in Puglia. Where to eat well and sleep better, in Puglia, read our experience.

Just a few steps from the famous Federiciano castle, Castel del Monte, a World Heritage Site as established by UNESCO, is the Tannoja estate (Via Castel del Monte), which can be considered a real farmhouse, framed by the Bari Murgia and its Mediterranean scrub.

Many are the particularities that characterize this place that first of all welcomes the visitor with its restaurant and its fabulous courses, all homemade and characterized by fresh and seasonal ingredients, which is why the menu is fixed and includes a roundup of antipati, hot and cold, all delicious. These are local sausages, dairy products, focaccia from Bari, parmigiana, grilled vegetables and so on.

The first course varies daily depending on the availability of products and the season and generally consists of any type of homemade pasta combined with vegetables or local sausage, even if there is no precise rule, but you just need to ask what the house offers.

The second always consists of one mixed grill with local meat and cooked on coals, really good and plentiful! There is also a final dessert and a selection of homemade bitters. Wide space for children who can take advantage of some games installed in the large green space.

- internal ambients they are very characteristic and are the thing that struck me most. They show up a lot rustic but well cared for, with exposed stone walls and many utensils hanging on the walls, typical furnishings of the Bari Murgia. There are four rooms, in one of which there is a large fire, on which it is also possible to cook meat or chestnuts. The outdoor space is also very nice, where in the summer evenings it is also possible to dine al fresco in the garden.

Of course it is also possible stay overnight on the estate given the presence of ben 11 rooms between single, double and triple rooms, all equipped with private bathroom and also furnished in a rustic and simple style. I cannot give you a precise opinion on the rooms, not having stayed overnight on the estate but they are certainly suitable for those who appreciate peace and tranquility, as well as unspoiled nature or almost.

A peculiarity of the estate is the presence of a landing strip, the only one in the area, thanks to which the estate also organizes flight courses by appointment. However, it will also be possible to fly over the area to have a very particular view of the fabulous Castel del Monte.

In short, a beautiful estate where you can spend a nice day or why not a nice holiday to explore the beauties of the northern area of ​​Bari.

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