Along the Costa de la Luz, at the closest point of the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, is the well-known seaside resort of Tarifa which with its wild coast and proximity to Morocco attracts many vacationers.

In Tarifa you will find 10 kilometers of white beaches, beautiful those of Playa Chica and Playa de los Lances, a wild and unspoiled nature, and the best conditions in Europe for windsurfing. Also very beautiful is the beach of Punta Paloma, which is located north of Tarifa and is topped by modern windmills lined up on the crests of the hills, and La Caleta, just east of the town.

The charm of the town is also due to its historical character given by the imposing Moorish castle of Guzman El Bueno, dating back to 960, with crenellated walls, the church of San Matteo, the cobbled streets and the iron rejas of the whitewashed houses.

Also popular with whale watching enthusiasts, Tarifa offers lots of fun and excellent restaurants and tapas bars. For the day trips to Morocco you can embark on the ferry that reaches Tangier with a journey of only 35 minutes.

What to see and do in Tarifa

In addition to visiting the wonderful old town and beaches, Tarifa offers numerous possibilities for practicing summer sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, but also horseback riding, a true passion of the Andalusians, and, finally, whale-watching and birdwhatching.

Among the main monuments the Puerta de Jerez, built in the Mudéjar style after the Reconquista, the three-nave Gothic vaulted church of San Mateo, from the 960th century, and the majestic Castillo de Guzman, built in XNUMX by the Caliph of Cordoba Abd ar-Rahman III but which owes its name to the hero of the Reconquista Guzman El Bueno. From the Mirador El Estrecho, which forms the upper part of the castle walls, it is possible to admire a fantastic landscape that also includes the nearby coasts of Africa.

Between Tarifa and Punta Paloma are the most popular beaches for lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing, like El Porro of the Ensenada de Valdevaqueros. In some beaches it is possible to buy or rent the necessary for these sports, or book for necessary lessons especially for beginners while in Playa de los Lances it is possible to find horses and some guides for riding along the beach and inland paths.

In the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar and in the Bahia de Algeciras it is possible admire the dolphins and whales. Furthermore, the entire area of ​​Tarifa is a crossing point for the migratory routes of birds that can be admired from various strategic points such as the Mirador del Estrecho and the Cig'ena Ornithological Center, 4 kilometers from the city center.

Shopping in Tarifa

Tarifa is an ideal town to do Shopping especially for lovers of ethnic style and surfing trends. Along Calle Batalla del Salado, there are numerous shops of major international brands and souvenirs, but there are above all the shops of equipment and clothing related to the world of surfing, such as Tarifa Pirates, Rick Shapes, No Work Team, El Nino, Sons of the Desert, Rip Curl and Billabong. If you want to buy second-hand equipment and boards, we recommend that you take a tour of the schools and rental shops.

In the historic center there is a wonderful old covered market with stalls selling fruit and vegetables, and an outdoor area with some impressive fresh fish. The modern market, with pottery, dried fruit and textiles takes place every Tuesday morning. Quality fabrics, jewelery, handmade crafts and designer labels are the characteristics of a Tarifa shopping.

Where to eat and have fun in Tarifa

Tarifa, especially in summer, hosts many tourists who frequent the many trendy clubs.


  • Ali Baba, Sancho IV El Bravo Street
  • Café Azul Bar, Battle of Salado Street
  • Souk, Calle Mar Tirreno 46
  • The Trattoria, Paseo de la Alameda


  • Soul Café, Calle Santisima Trinidad 9
  • Casa Amarilla Winery, Calle Sancho IV El Bravo 9
  • Bar Obainano, Calle Braille 27
  • Bar Misiana, Calle Sancho IV El Bravo

How to reach Tarifa

reach the town of Tarifa we recommend that you take a rental car and go relaxed to discover its fantastic surroundings and the Costa de la Luz in the province of Cadiz. If you do not have the possibility to rent a car you can reach it by bus from the main cities of Andalusia: Cadiz and Malaga are about 2 hours away, Seville 3, Jerez de la Frontera 2 and a half hours and Barbate and Zahara de los Atunes about three quarters of the way. 'Now.

Also from Tarifa you can reach by ferry the coasts of Morocco. Several fast ferries connect the southern tip of Spain with Tangier several times a day. Please note that passengers must have a valid passport with them.

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