Snorkeling in Paros, Greece

A trip to Paros, Greece means swimming in beautiful crystal clear waters, but have you thought about snorkeling? Enthusiasts or beginners can think of doing it thanks to Blue Island Divers.

You can thus take courses, if you have a little time, at least from 2 to 4 days. For 2 days the cost per person is € 200 with equipment, manual available and of course excursions. For those who are already familiar, it is possible to make fun excursions off Paros thanks to the boats made available by Blue Island Divers.

Finally, for those who try for the first time, it is possible to go on "all inclusive" excursions, from the equipment to the introduction to the day with some small information on the fish and marine nature of the place. In this case it is possible to start from 10 years upwards, not earlier and the price is 50 € per person.

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