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The Terme Sensiali di Chianciano are famous all over the world for the incredible variety of therapeutic properties. Here is all the info on the spa programs.

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Terme di Chianciano information

Le Sensory spa of Chianciano Terme have now become a "must" as regards thespa offer in Tuscany.

Made inside the Acqua Santa thermal park, an elegant establishment unique in Spain, le Sensory Spa of Chianciano represent a real innovation, the union between the classical spa medicine and the tradition of natural medicine ed Ayurvedic.

Le Sensory Spa they want to bring people as close as possible to the nature identity, so that you can fully benefit from its remarkable beneficial effects.

Who chooses to undergo these details spa treatments must consider creating some sort of harmony, among gods five elements (the Aether, the Air, the Fire, the Water and the Earth) and i five senses, which helps to rebalance theenergia and chakra, thus fighting stress, various ailments e diseases.

Chianciano Terme where to eat well and spend little

Sensory spa program

The energy balance of the individual is activated in the Acqua Santa Park of the Terme di Chianciano through four itineraries (exclusive proposal of the Sensory Spas):

In fact, this is how the paths of the Sensory Spas of Chianciano are structured as we mentioned earlier:

  • Energizing: recommended for all those who suffer from frequent drops in energy, resulting in weakness and fainting, or even migraines, stress and anxiety, all resulting from poor use of energy in our body
  • relaxing: This too is dedicated to those who suffer from stress, migraines and anxiety, and of course to those who just want to get away from a long working period and rediscover abandoned tranquility.
  • Rebalancing: to rediscover the harmony between mind, spirit and body it is certainly the most suitable; it was created especially for those who have found oriental esotericism as their cornerstone in life. In fact, it follows oriental practices that have been innovated with modern techniques.
  • Depurative: it helps those who have been forced for medical uses to use more or less heavy medicines for long periods of time, thus affecting the natural well-being of the body. This route is also optimal for anyone with liver or kidney problems.

As you can clearly see, the spas can be used both from a medical point of view and from the less utilitarian point of view of holidays. That's why they can be adapted to any need and eventuality.

Le Sensory Spa of Holy Water Park they are developed in 1.300 square meters of thermal paths completely surrounded by greenery.

In addition, 20 different ones are proposed treatments ranging fromaromatherapy to the sensory tank, from Turkish bath to the chromotherapy, from saline tanks toIce Crash (cold mist and icy shower), and much more.

And for those who, in addition to well-being, are looking for something else Thermal Village of Chianciano it also offers: music, entertainment, health, culture, entertainment and sport.

Chianciano Terme discos and night clubs

In short, the Sensory Spa they are a real earthly paradise for those looking for Relaxing, well-being in close contact with the nature identity.

We point out that the spa they must not be imagined in a cold disinfected environment, they are instead immersed in a landscape that is unmatched in the rest of Spain.

The beautiful village of Chianciano Terme for example, it straddles the Val D'Orcia and Val di Chiana, an area famous for its history and for the vineyards it covers, from which the beloved is extracted Montepulciano wine.

Chianciano Terme restaurants

To know the best restaurants, pizzerias, osterie e Inns where to taste i typical dishes of Sienese cuisine and the renowned Toscan kitchen consult Chianciano Terme where to eat well and spend little.

What to do in the evening in Chianciano Terme

To know the best local where to get a appetizer or where to spend an evening dedicated to divertissement consult Chianciano Terme discos and night clubs.

Chianciano Terme sensory images

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