Seattle: five things to see in America

What to see in Seattle, the city now famous for Grey's Anatomy, but also for Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Fremont District, read the five things not to miss.

My first time in United States has been a Seattle, a destination generally less traveled by the masses.
I ended up there thanks to a scholarship that allowed me to stay on the west coast for four months.

In fact, the campus I was staying on was located in Olympia, capital of the state of Washington, but in Settale, people often went on trips when they wanted the big city.
For me it was a great discovery, especially for the spirit that you breathe, which seems much more rock, free and nonconformist than in the rest of the USA.

I remember two nice old men who gave me a lift to get to the cinema I wanted to go to and who said to me in chorus: Please, tell your parents that we didn't vote for Bush!

Memories aside, the city is very interesting and offers various ideas to the traveler especially to lovers of music, nature and very American urban landscapes!
Here five stages base to start discovering Seattle!

Pike Place Market

It's a simple one market… But what's better to discover a city than starting with food? This market is also part of the Seattle history, being one of the markets the oldest of the United States.
Of course, you can buy everything from handicrafts to fresh fish, although perhaps the most interesting part is that of the vintage shops
The market has a symbol: Rachel the Piggy Bank, the sow-like piggy bank (life-size), used to raise money for the neighborhood's social services.

Space needle

And the symbol of the city, although not everyone finds it exactly beautiful.
Built for the 1962 Expo, the Space Needle is a tower almost 200 meters high and reminiscent of the houses of the Jetsons, the cartoon about the future. The view you can enjoy from the top is beautiful, always hoping to find a sunny day and clear sky (not exactly easy at these latitudes ..). You will see immense mountains and skies, just to paraphrase (halfway) mushy songs.

Washington Lake

You can't help but see it and be impressed (or maybe think of an episode of Grey's Anatomy) I'm obviously talking about the lake!
Take a tour thanks to one of the many organized tours or maybe opt for a kayak tour, but don't miss the opportunity to experience Seattle from the water! You may also meet gods Sea lions.
The more daring, they can even think of diving.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

This museum is also a legacy of the Universal Exhibition and one of the most visited attractions in Seattle. Dale Chihuly, is a Seattle artist, who after having learned the art of blown glass in Murano in the 60s, brought it back to America by reinterpreting it in American style. The result? Much bigger and much more pop. Between the oneiric and the pisicadelico, her sculptures are however an invitation to become part of the community and to experiment with it.

Fremont neighborhood

Also called the People's Republic or Republic of Artists of Fremont, is probably the most particular district of the entire city. One of those places to visit with your eyes wide open to discover all the oddities it hosts.
Speaking of oddities, the most famous is the Fermont Troll, symbol of the neighborhood in 1990 and made by four local artists in concrete and various materials, including for example the stud of a car (the eye) and a Volkswagen Beetle (stuck under the hand of the troll). You can also find: a rocket (if you insert a coin it also makes smoke!), Some dinasaur, a statue of Lenin and even a chocolate factory.

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