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Scotland useful tips and information

For entry into Britain a valid passport or identity card is required, the AT card identification document issued by some state administrations is not sufficient.

The model of the ASL to have health care in Scotland.

For the rental car is required Italian driving license.

The electrical voltage is 240 V.

The sockets are different from the international ones, they are larger and equipped with three plugs like those of the telephone (normally the guest houses have adapters available, however for mobile phones it may be convenient to bring the adapter for the car).

Climate in Scotland

It is one of the sore points of the trip to Scotland.

To favor the numerous golf club, someone thinks about watering from above and it is difficult to find a day without 4 or 5 showers of rain.

Travel to Scotland: tips on what to see and what to do

In a magazine I read a statement that I feel I fully agree with; “In August it rains often in Scotland, in the other months it rains more often!”.

You need to dress like an onion by putting something wool in your suitcase (a fleece could be ideal) and a windproof jacket as it will be easier to suffer the cold than the heat.

They run in short sleeves, we with thick cotton sweaters and wind jackets.

Obviously it is a matter of habits, but in our latitudes the temperature which I found occur in the months of March and April (for the record, I point out that according to Kevin of the Elgin Guest house this is the worst summer of the last 10 years).

How to get to Scotland

There is no doubt in Scotland you go by plane, the only exception can be made only for those who have a phobia of flying.

Go to auto o camper it is inadvisable both for the distance and for the objective difficulty of driving on the left.

At this point it is necessary to choose the airline.

After having wandered a lot on the net I can say that the cheapest company remains there Ryanair.

In addition to the destination on Glasgow (to be booked well in advance) the cheapest route may be advisable Bergamo Newcastle which allows you to visit one of the best areas of the Scotland (Scottish Border) and an unmissable castle for those traveling with children that of Alnwick which in addition to being objectively beautiful is that of Harry Potter.

In my case (Bergamo-Newcastle) having booked a month before departure I found a return fare for two people at 198 euros.

Flights to Edinburgh or Glasgow would have cost me at least three times as much.

With some time at your disposal you can choose (always with Ryanair) for your destination Duhram particularly cheap (the departure as far as I remember should be from Ciampino).

Trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick: what to see and what to do

Apart from the cost of the drinks on board (but is it necessary to buy them?) The services are excellent and punctuality is normally guaranteed.


Unless you opt for a static holiday (Edinburgh only) or only want to visit the big cities, a rental car is essential in Scotland.

There are tourist attractions that are not served by By public transport and then with the car you can stop at will or make all the detours you deem appropriate.

If you travel with Ryanair you will have the convenience of using Hertz which reserves preferential fares for those who fly with this company.

Prices depend on the rental period and the type of auto choice.

As regards the period I recommend to commit as few weeks as possible, in fact I was able to see that the rate for a car taken on Thursday and delivered the following Wednesday is higher than a taken on Monday and delivered on Sunday (not knowing why it is always 7 days I deduced that perhaps the change in rate is due to the fact that in the first case it takes two different weeks).

If you are traveling in two, choose the cheapest car (the Ford Fiesta) it is quite large (unless you have moved!) And very often you will have assigned a higher category car at the same price (the small ones run out immediately) .

They gave me a much more comfortable and air-conditioned Ford Focus (but in Scotland it can only be used for heating!), But also more thirsty for fuel.

Absolutely avoid paying the surcharge for the full tank, but do it yourself.

Given the difficulty of finding distributors, if you rent a car at Newcastle, I recommend filling up by following the signs for the center of Newcastle (the petrol station is on the opposite side a few hundred meters from the roundabout with the A1).
Fuel is the sore point of the trip, it costs very expensive and diesel has a higher price than petrol.

Unleaded petrol has a price that fluctuates around the pound.

There are no refueling stations along the motorways (at least I have not seen them), while the service stations are located (and are indicated) near the motorway exit junctions.

Fuel prices vary widely so don't hesitate to fill up when you find an affordable fare.

Usually the cheapest distributors are those of SHELL or of TESCO (a supermarket chain) near major cities.

However in general the distributors are decidedly less frequent than theSpain and in some areas you travel many miles before you find one, so don't wait to enter the reserve to fill up. The distributors work as self-service with payment at the cash desk.

La road network in Scotland it is discreet, but don't expect to find the level of Italian roads.

The motorways are free, but in fact limited to a few stretches.

Le superstrade (Two-lane roads are more frequent, but two-lane sections are often interspersed with single-lane ones.

In the freeways there are no overpasses so roundabouts are frequent where you must always give right of way and level crossings (such as the well-known Carlo Felice in Sardinia).

This together with the absurd speed limits (excessive 60 miles on state roads, inadequate 70 on motorways) significantly affects travel times (this aspect must be considered when planning your daily itinerary).

Road signs in Scotland they are weird or excessively large (like construction pins) or tiny (those of speed limits on state roads).

The warning to wild animals sign exists because there are actually often hares, foxes and roe deer around.

Scotland pictures and photos

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