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Il Maritime Museum of Amsterdam is called Maritime Museum, a place where the public actively interacts with all the space around them thanks to 11 exhibitions and the interactive museum experience. The address is Kattenburgerplein, 1 and was formerly a state warehouse. Today, in addition to the beautiful rooms at the rear of the museum, a beautiful copy of the ship is moored East India Company, fully visible inside.

The museum inside is completely new with a large "square" at the entrance and a glass vault. There is a souvenir room obviously but also a small one cafeteria, downstairs brick vaults leave room for the wardrobe and bathrooms.

Wanting to follow the indicated routes from the museum guides the journey inside the Scheepvaartmuseum is quite long and instructive. There are three floors to visit, with many interactive rooms made for the little ones, but also for adults. In fact, explaining navigation in all eras is not an easy task, especially if divided into historical eras, then the museum of the sea and navigation succeeds in this very difficult task.

What I have noticed with great pleasure is to observe how many families even with very little children, even small ones, can be found in this museum. Yes, because interaction activities such as globes that move under the hands of children or the stories ofmaritime evolution under the eyes of all read on a large wall or the technological tools studied by children are really within everyone's reach.

On the contrary, I have noticed much more applying the little guests with technological and digital equipment than the big ones. Truly a beautiful find and a place to spend the family day on a Sunday in Amsterdam. L'entrance to the museum it costs € 15 for adults over 18 and € 7.50 for children up to 17 years. The museum is ad free entry for all children under 4 years old.

Thanks to Amsterdam for every information.

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