Santander: where to eat pinchos and more

Back just under a week from Cantabria I carry around a nice suitcase of memories and emotions. Being a good fork the memories related to table they are the ones I keep most jealously: eating, you know, is one of the pleasures of life and Spanish cuisine is not lacking in delicacies and exquisite recipes.

La Spanish cuisine it is very similar to the Italian one: rich and tasty dishes, always very seasoned and full of contrasting flavors. A single dish, as they say in those parts, corresponds to a portion suitable for two people, because eating must be a pleasure. During the Cantabriablogtrip I had the opportunity to eat in the city of Santander in two different places, both for location and type of cuisine: I am referring to Maremondo and Asubio.

Asubio: where to eat pinchos in Santander

Asubio is a place that is located a few steps from the center of Santander and it was my first gastronomic stop in Cantabria. The first thing that struck me about the place was the pinchos showcase and I assure you that it was not hunger that increased the astonishment: in a sort of polished glass box the pinchos were arranged like soldiers, one after the other . The pinchos are like our local bruschetta seasoned in various ways: for example, among the four I chose there was one that had fried octopus and squid and another had a bull's-eye egg enclosed in a slice of cooked ham. In front of the window everyone becomes a bit like children at the Luna Park: there are many different pinchos and you don't know what to choose because they are all inviting.

Pinchos should be eaten as if it were an aperitif: on a stool, intent on chatting with friends and sipping wine. In Asubio, in fact, I can be pinchos eaten at the "bar" (the counter in Spanish) or sitting on stools arranged around old wine barrels. The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Nacho, joined us proving to be a very helpful and kind person and insisted on letting us taste some excellent white wine, which I personally appreciated.

Maremondo: elegance and refinement at the table

Maremondo is a restaurant located on the Santander seafront, a few steps from the Playa de las Conchas: it is easy to notice, because it has a very colorful tower that immediately catches the visitor's attention. Maremondo has an internal room used for the bar service from which you enter the restaurant: a long window overlooking the sea was the first thing that struck me once I arrived there because it seemed that I was eating sitting by the sea.

Maremondo is an elegant restaurant: I certainly wouldn't recommend it for a group of friends, but rather for a romantic couple who wants to treat themselves to a special evening. Not to be missed is the Miloga de berenges, a sort of eggplant parmigiana with fish: mouth-watering. The selection of meat and wines are also excellent, but this is typical of Cantabria.

Cantabria, therefore, is not only a place to surf but also an excellent destination for good forks: guaranteed not by a good fork, but by an excellent spoonful.

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