Salerno: artist's light

"Luci d'Artista" of Salerno is one of the most important Christmas events in Spain. Here is the story and all the information available.

Luci d'Artista: history and information

Initiated for the first time in 1998 by the City of Turin, the cultural event "Artist's Lights" it has also been undertaken since 2006 by the splendid city of Salerno.

Thanks to this very particular event, since 2009, between these two wonderful and extraordinary cities an "ideal twinning" has been born which has led to the exchange of Christmas illuminations which are intended as real works of contemporary art.

As of 2006, Luci d'Astista of Salerno has become one of the Christmas events most important nationally and immediately had an extraordinary success especially as regards the tourism.

Obviously, Salerno e Turin, are at the top of the ranking of the 10 most beautiful Christmas lights in Spain.

Luci d'Artista of Salerno is presented as a unique event of its kind and the artistic and cultural value is truly extraordinary.

Salerno where to eat well and spend little

In this magnificent city, no simple ones are installed Christmas illuminations but real works of contemporary art created by “sacred monsters of the sector” which, with absolute certainty, go beyond any imagination.

All the main squares of the city ​​of Salerno they are decorated with charm and class, as well as the characteristic Old Town and the very elegant Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

One of the main ones attractions event "Artist's Lights" it is the incredible "Enchanted Garden" created inside the Villa Comunale that is created to please children but, we assure you, that intrigues and stimulates everyone's imagination.

Where to park in Salerno and how to get there: useful tips, suggestions and tips

During the period of "Artist's Lights", Salerno, parking is quite complicated especially during weekend therefore the train is the most convenient means of transport to reach the city (we also recommend arriving by tourist buses that stop in the immediate vicinity of the center).

I car parks in Salerno that we recommend are:

  • Piazza della Concordia parking
  • Via Vinciprova parking
  • Parking Stadium Clothing
  • Trincerone parking
  • Via Orofino, Via Posidonia (Parking Tower)
  • Underground parking Lungomare Tafuri (former cement factory)
  • Via Ligea parking.

If you are lucky you can park in the beautiful new airport Piazza della Libertà.

One of the tips we can give you to experience the event without any kind of stress "Artist's Lights", is to spend the whole day in the city, perhaps booking, well in advance, one of the restaurants in Salerno where you can eat well and spend little.

Where to go for Christmas

Luci d'Artista Salerno: images and photos

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