Rose and Crown in Rimini, the first pub in Italy

For those who know Rimini il Rose and Crown it is quite a place famous for its burgers, the venue and the evenings. Here since 1964 burgers and live music nights are served. The place was born when a English family after moving to Rimini she decided to open a restaurant here in perfect English style, especially as regards food.

The Rose and Crowne is located at the level of Rimini beach club 45 more or less and is quite large. Inside there is a non-smoking room and one for smoking a little smaller, plus a corner for those who want play darts and in summer even a few tables to drink beer outdoors.

Il food is really tasty, in addition to traditional English breakfasts, also burgers and more or less complex dishes and sandwiches, very good! Among the beers here are the most classic ones Newcastle to the Foster's from Pilsner to Biere du Boucanier, a beer for true connoisseurs.

Generally every night there is live music, for sure at the weekend you will find it, while in some evenings there are also gods party organized by the venue. Eating with a live band playing behind you is really nice, both for lunch and dinner you will almost always find room, at most they will ask you to wait half an hour. There is a lot of space, even the tables for 15 / 20 people they are well received.

Speaking of the menu, (I'm sorry for you, but I'll make you water) ranging from the most classic French fries, both for one person but also for 4, the dish bacon eggs and chips, hot dog, spicy hot dog, burgers with cheese and salad, double burgers and super-garnished burgers… just to take a look at the more classic dishes.

My favorite is undoubtedly thehamburger with cheese and fries, if you pass by Rimini give me a whistle that I will come to have a beer with you very happy :)

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